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I had to put my name & a password on my G3 and can not remember what either is. I called Apple.ca and was told I'd have to take it in to an authorized dealer and have them fix it. The thing is the one in my city charges $90 an hour for repair. I do not have $90 to take it in.

Is there any other one or way I can get into my G3? Thanks in advance.


iBook G3, Other OS
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    I assume you are running Panther 10.3.x, since you posted in this forum.

    Here's the instructions if you have the Panther install CD discs.
    *Mac OS X: Changing or resetting an account password*

    *Changing your administrator password*

     Cheers, Tom

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    It didnt come with a disc. I bought it off of eBay.ca. I do have Tiger to upgrade it to but need to be able to get on it to do the upgrade. I also have to upgrade the memory(I have more to install) before I can upgrade to Tiger.
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    Welcome to Apple Discussions.

    Follow the directions in Niel's article Making the Setup Assistant reappear to create a new admin user account. You can then log into your new account and reset the password in the old account.

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    I tried what the link said but it didn't work. I have Mac OS X and the link isn't for mine. I'm going to have to pay to get it fixed....which I really can't afford but have no choice I guess.

    Thanks anyway for the help.
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    What operating system does your computer presently have installed?
    Could you elaborate some more about the machine's configuration?

    If your machine has a pre-X system (OS9.2.2 or Before) the computer
    may require other update work to be done prior to installation of OS X.
    A Firmware Update, may required prior to using OS X in it; unless it is
    a white iBook G3 model. You may have to post a different topic content
    post in the hardware section of these forums to ask about the machine.

    How are you posting to the internet? For more info on most things Mac
    hardware, you could get a free reference at http://mactracker.ca to read.

    Does the computer have FireWire ports? If you have access to another
    computer that has a DVD drive, and your old computer has FireWire
    ports, it may be possible to use a newer computer's optical (DVD) drive.
    Or, maybe an external drive capable of acting like an Apple SuperDrive;
    then it may be possible to boot the computer from a retail install DVD
    such as Tiger 10.4 ships on, and install it through an external DVD boot
    capable optical drive. This would have to be FireWire, to work, though.

    Anyway, there are more questions than answers.

    {While a technician who has experience and extra
    hardware may be able to upgrade the OS and do
    other tech work you could probably do at home
    if you had the equipment and software, handy, it
    would seem this may be costly if done at Retail.}

    +How complicated would it be to see if the seller+
    +would give your money back & undo this deal?+

    However that works out...
    Good luck & happy computing!

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    My iBook G3 has OS X. Not sure about FireWire ports as I don't know alot about Mac iBooks or computers really. I'm pretty sure it does have FireWire though. Right now I am accessing the internet on my Dell desktop computer. I'm pretty sure it does not have FireWire ports as I've never heard of them till I got my iBook G3.

    I did find a place that will only charge me $50 an hour but for me its still alot of money I don't really have. All I want to do is get logged on to my iBook, at this time. I really miss being able to use it.

    Any help is appreciated greatly.....very greatly appreciated. Thank you very much.
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    The provided links to information, in previous posts, could help resolve this issue
    and get your computer working again. Some of the steps are not difficult, and with
    the use of the internet, some of the items are easily researched. However, these
    facts are sometimes hard to concentrate on when you are not familiar with them.

    If the Tiger disc you have, to upgrade the computer from Panther, is a retail or
    full install disc, there is a way to start the computer from that installer disc and
    run some optional tools in the header of the Installer. This would be ahead of
    the actual installing section of that disc; where a menu bar that looks like a
    Finder screen would appear, with click on menu items and drop-down lists.

    With that, you could use the installer's Disk Utility (with computer booted up
    from the Install disc, to then access the computer's hard disk drive via tools
    on that install media disc) and choose to secure-erase the hard drive by
    using the One-Pass erase option, then reformat (Apple Partition Map) to
    HFS+ or Journaled, and then when the drive is ready for a new installation
    and the contents are erased (your stuff would be totally gone at this point)
    you could quit Disk Utility and use the Installer to proceed with a new Tiger
    10.4 installation on the computer's hard disk drive.

    Before erasing all the drive stuff and your items from the computer, the idea
    to "Make the Setup Assistant Reappear" is about the best bet; it works with
    no install discs, but requires the user to boot into Single user mode and do
    the required input, on the page noted in the link above; which I restated here.
    With a setup screen, you can restore use of the computer; but the account
    you were using won't appear. You would have to create a new Admin identity
    as well as a new Admin password. But maybe then, you could upgrade the OS.

    Are there any Mac user groups in your area? Usually they are known through
    local schools, trade groups, or business associates who use Mac computers;
    and even some of the schools who use Macs in classrooms, would know of a
    qualified person who could probably help set up your computer correctly.

    If you have an option to return the computer to the seller, if it is defective or is
    missing important parts (the software install disc for the OS X on the machine
    is considered an official original part; and would be part of a sale) you could
    try and contact the seller to ask about the bootable install disc for the OS the
    computer has running in it now.

    If the OS X Tiger disc you have is NOT a full install disc for Tiger 10.4, you
    would need to have the Panther retail install disc set anyway; since the less
    desirable Tiger Upgrade disc that can't boot a computer and relies on Panther
    10.3 to be present in the computer, first, is not a preferred system. Especially
    since you'd need the old Panther disc for all operations involving reinstall; and
    for several involving repair and upkeep of the OS X patchwork using both discs.

    *Does the Tiger disc you have, have a Black colored label with Silver X on it?*
    +Does it say +Install DVD+ on the label along with copyright & version 10.4 number?

    If your iBook G3 can use a DVD install disc (if it has Combo optical drive or a
    SuperDrive, for both CD and DVD read/write disc media) and the Tiger install
    disc is black with a silver X on the label, you may be able to do a completely
    new install. I am not certain if a second option in this path is possible, but if
    you had the Panther 10.3 install disc, you could Reset Admin Password from
    the booted OS X install disc for the system already installed in the iBook.

    By resetting the Admin Password, such as that access would allow, further
    investigation into the possible use of that Tiger install disc could commence.

    Or by +Making the Setup Assistant Re-appear+, you could create a new Admin
    user and in so doing, create a new password; then look into a Tiger upgrade.

    However, without that Panther install disc, you could try the suggestion in a
    previous post above, to use Single User mode in OS X 10.2 or Later, to:

    • *Making the Setup Assistant reappear*:

    "Follow the directions in Niel's article +Making the Setup Assistant Reappear+ to create a new admin user
    account. You can then log into your new account and reset the password in the old account. - cornelius"

    This could allow you to re-personalize the computer as though it had not been
    used by anyone. Like a new computer, where you'd have to input your name
    and address, or any alias you'd want the main Admin account to be known as.

    I've even set up a computer with the alias name, knowing the main Admin
    account would have that name (and not mine, should I wish to give it away)
    and then create a new lesser user account for daily use; and then keep both
    of those account passwords and names where I could find them

    Anyway, the method suggested in the earlier post, where this link I reposted above
    is given, can allow you to gain access to the computer as though nobody had used it.
    And you would have to re-personalize the new main user account.

    That may help. You also may be able to search online for local Mac user groups, or
    maybe some school that uses Macs and has an on-staff technician who helps keep
    the computers running. Almost anyone who has owned more than a few Macs and
    does more than just play around should know how to do the basic upkeep & reinstall.

    And if you know of someone who has an older Mac and upgraded past Panther 10.3.9,
    and if they still have the installer CD set, ask if you can have it. It is not worth much, but
    as a tool, it can help you reset the Admin Password by just booting up from that disc
    with the C key held down and the disc in the optical drive; on restart. In fact, if anyone
    you know has done anything at all with a Mac more than just sit in front of it, they may
    be of some help in restoring function to yours. You need to have Mac techie friends. Or
    become well read and learn how to explore these avenues. I've had over 100 Macs.

    +Ideally, the Tiger disc you say you have is a retail full install disc; or if not, and your+
    +old iBook G3 does not have a DVD combo or superdrive, the Tiger disc set would+
    +have to be on Four CDs. Those are rare. So, the Panther 10.3 disc, which is a CD+
    +set, would be good to have to fix the issues you have in the computer in OS X 10.3+.

    Hopefully this helps some.
    Good luck & happy computing!

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    Thank you all! I have managed to get into my iBook G3. I followed the directions posted and did not make the same mistakes I had made on previous attempts. So I now can use it.

    As for my upgrading I do have a black disc. I can't upgrade it till I have the new & upgraded memory put in.

    Thank you all again!!