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I am a beginner at using the 5d mark II H:264 codec, but was recommended to use the "Mpeg Streamclip" application.
I downloaded version 1.9.2 (shold be latest) and it works. The only problem is that it does not have the "Prores 422 LT" codec.
It has however the "Prores 422" codec (twice the same name), but no "LT".

When I start the program it is "encoding" the files at 192 MBS!

Approx. 49 sec. of processed footage becomes 1.1 GB!

I have the excact same setup as this (screendump), except that as I cannot locate / find the "LT" so my only option seems to be "Prores 422". So this is not my screen:

Other Screenshot with almost same settings

What is the normal MBS encoding rate for Prores 422 LT? And how /where may I find and install this codec "Prores 422 LT" in order for the Mpeg Streamclip to be able to use it?

P.S. I do not have Snow Leopard OSX I do only have Leopard!

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