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I've searched high and low for a solution to this one. Every google hit on this search finds no resolution. Does the Apple community know how to get around this problem?

I used my 32GB iPhone 3Gs to shoot a video which turned out to be 48 minutes long, and approximately 1.2GB in file size. It plays OK on the iPhone itself.

However, when attempting to transfer or copy the large video file from the iPhone to PC, it FAILS. The photos and small-under-7gb-videos copy to PC just fine. The PC shows it's copying the file for a few minutes, however when done, the file copied to PC won't open, and shows a file size of zero. In some attempts, an error 80004005 shows.

Seriously, why use the iPhone to shoot a long video, if it can't be transferred to your PC? Any help on this matter is much appreciated.

I'm a PC, Windows XP
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