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  • gr8sho Level 1 Level 1
    Gifted Professor wrote:
    Not to contradict previous posters, but although I couldn't perform the copy using a Windows XP system, I was able to do the straight up copy from the DCIM folder of my iPhone using a Windows 7 system. Not sure this is definitive, but if you have access to a newer OS I'd give it a shot.

    The Professor

    I agree with The Professor that you cannot retrieve the large movie file from the backup folder and rename it.

    I was just about to move over the my Windows 7 machine when I tried one last ditch effort using iPhone Explorer application. With this program, you can view the iphone's internal disk structure, and the DCIM folder can be viewed this way. You can then copy the file back over to XP and it will be fully usable.

  • tamalamala Level 1 Level 1
    workaround worked great for me too. a bit of a pain, but happy to have successfully transferred the file, nonetheless. Thanks for the tip!
  • jarrodmartin1 Level 1 Level 1
    None of the options worked for me on XP. I didn't try downloading iPhone Explorer, but all the other options came up empty. Luckily, I had a borrowed Macbook to get my videos from the iPhone 4, and then transfer them via thumbdrive to my PC.
  • kellyfrommount olive Level 1 Level 1

    bkim028 wrote:


    Hi guys, I've been wondering about this too. It seems like iphone is not designed for recording 15min videos But I found a way to get the video off the phone.
    The photos and video files are stored in 'Backup' folder ("C:\Documents and Settings\\Application Data\Apple Computer\MobileSync\Backup\ (for win xp)) just before iphone is sync'ed with itunes program. So, after you sync it, find the backup folder, try sorting the files according to size, and find the big files which should be the video files. Then copy them to your folder & rename them to .mov extension.
    I've done it just now and it works perfectly.

    This method worked perfectly for me in transfering a video file from my iPhone 4 to Windows XP!  Thanks for the advise!

  • joycita Level 1 Level 1

    The Touchcopy program works fine.

  • glove0001 Level 1 Level 1

    I tried the workaround and was able to play the .mov file in QuickTime, but the playback was choppy- jerking every second or so- as well as color distortion- blue showed up as orange.

  • owen2rules Level 1 Level 1

    It's been a year since this post has been put up, obviously this issues being ignored.
    i tried the work around and it doesn't seem to work. I refuse to pay for Touch Copy as I'm only going to be using this for one time only so it would be a waste.

  • JoeChasko Level 1 Level 1

    I'm runing XP SP3 & iPHone 4. Can't copy like everybody else.  It is just ridiculous. I got a new warranty phoneover this issue, that worked for awhile.


    Anyway, here's a free workaround: iExplorer (formerly iPhone Explorer) easily copied 250MB videos off, and in just seconds! It does have a funky interface, though that shows everything stored on the phone. It won't let you delete the files off the phone after copying; you can use Wndows Explorer or the phone itself to do that.

  • owen2rules Level 1 Level 1

    yeah i got SP3 and iPhone 4 but a few days after my post i just uploaded the clips to youtube and downloaded it


    but if all else fails I'll use your work around.

  • kylkylkyl Level 1 Level 1

    i used suggestion in post, run backup , fish out the video backup file, copy and rename to WORKED

  • JoeChasko Level 1 Level 1

    It only took one simple step and about a minute to copy a gig of video with iExplorer. Seems a lot simpler.

  • Iphone4Kelly Level 1 Level 1

    Just bought Sprint 4S and the problem is still here with the brand new phone.  Incredibly when I call Apple CS, they tell me that this is Windows XP's problem and not Apple's.  One of most frustrating customer service experiences of my life.  The phone agent, readily telling me that there have been thousands of inquiries regarding this, told me I needed to go to or cnet and download third party software that he thought was maybe free.  When I suggested that this was crazy for the brand new 4S to have the same issue that thousands of people have been complaining about for over 1.5 years, he instructed me that he didn't appreciate being talked at and that he had other customers to attend to.  Will try the various work arounds, but I'm not feeling the love for Apple today.

  • JoeChasko Level 1 Level 1

    Well, it is a problem with XP, if we mean Apple's XP comm driver . The fact that iExplorer copied my gigs of video in seconds  suggests where the problem lies.


    It's our own darned fault for having to use Windows in our work. Don't you love the big FU you got from AppleDon'tCare?

  • kd6cae Level 1 Level 1

    I went to transfer some videos I shot yesterday with my iPhone 4, and noticed 2 of them would not transfer to my XP machine via the normal method I use of copying them directly in windows explorer. The first was a 10 minute 760MB video, and the other was around 15 minutes at 1.1GB, in HD of course. I could transfer a small 3 minute video of about 240mb in size however with no problem. Has anyone with XP figured out what the limit is for the maximum video file size you can transfer directly with windows explorer without having to use the advanced work around discussed earlier? I know when I had my windows 7 laptop, I transfered from my iPhone 3GS, a 540MB file with no issues, but again that was with windows 7. I'm now using iPhone 4 with an older windows XP machine, and wonder what is causing this limit to even occur? I may also give this iExplorer thing a try as well, though I'm just glad I was able to get the video out of the backup, though it should not be that much effort just to get video off your phone, regardless of its length!

  • jc01108 Level 1 Level 1

    iPhone Backup Extractor will do what you want easily. It will put the files in a list by the app that created them, then you can easily copy and paste the files to a different location.

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