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Can anyone tell me how to delete videos off the IPAD without using a computer?

Windows Vista
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    From the iPad user guide:

    *Deleting Videos from iPad*
    To save space you can delete videos from iPad.
    Delete a video: In the videos list, tap and hold a movie until the delete button appears, then tap "x". Tap Cancel or Home when you finish deleting videos.
    When you delete a video (other than rented movies) from iPad, it isn’t deleted from your iTunes library on your computer, and you can sync the video back to iPad later.
    If you don’t want to sync the video back to iPad, set iTunes to not sync the video.
    See “Syncing” on page 28.
    Important: If you delete a rented movie from iPad, it’s deleted permanently and can’t be transferred back to your computer.
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    This delete "x" does show for my TV shows, but tapping the "x" does nothing for me. This is getting to be a iOS issue, I believe.