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Hello all,

I need to send a considerable amount of images. My best shot is to print them in PDF (landscape mode). I myself test-printed, and it works very well.

The only thing is that those pdf-printed images are needed to be presented on computer screen as well. On the screen, landscape-pdf-printed images are displayed rotated 90 degrees. It is painful to change the view orientation one by one.

Is there any setting mode to change that?

I know that I can export images to JPEG for computer screen presentation. However, I don't want to do the same job twice, especially when printing in PDF and exporting to JPEG in high res take as much as time I need for having a meal, taking a walk, and lastly taking a shower.

If my question is too vague, or not specific enough, please tell me. I'd happy to explain further.

Macbook Pro, Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.5.6)