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I use referenced masters in Aperture. To delete unwanted photos, i first mark them as rejected. Then I select the rejected image I want to delete, hit "Delete master image and all versions". That used to prompt me whether I also wanted to delete the referenced master - which I did want to.

But this prompt does not show up any more. And therefore when I delete the referenced images, I am unable to delete the referenced file on the hard disk at the same time. NEed help!

I am using Aperture 3.0.3. Any ideas on what could be the culprit behind this unusual behavior by Aperture (of not prompting me to delete referenced file, as listed in the link below and as mentioned above)?

Thank you!

How Do I Delete Referenced Masters?
http://archive.bagelturf.com/aparticles/qanda/files/0d14c58a7fbfeda855c8e43040b8 ed0f-11.php

I tinkered around some more and it appears that I have 500 odd files in my Aperture trash. Also confirmed that these files still exist on my hard disk. And I could not figure out how to completely delete these images from Aperture and from the hard disk...

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