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On Monday, I synced my iPod. On Wednesday, I go to the health club, find my playlist, click on the button and the iPod displays "NO MUSIC." When I synced the iPod days earlier, iTunes showed that there was music on the iPod. I disconnected properly. What happened? Only the music disappeared from the iPod. I had some Notes and they were still on the iPod. After getting home from the health club today, I plug in the iPod to my PC, and iTunes shows that the iPod has the music on it. Anyway, I did a sync again, disconnected the iPod, and it looks like the music is on the iPod again.


iPod nano 5g, Windows XP Pro
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    I have experianced the same problem and after 3 days of trying to sync my iPod I still have no music on my iPod but in iTunes it shows the music being there. I have reinstalled itunes, restored my ipod and still i have no music.

    You are not alone!!
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    I'm having the same problem!
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    No you are NOT alone. Support staff would make you think that though as they are no help. I purchased a 5th gen Nano in Feb and in mid-June experienced the same problem described by you and others - music files on iPod can be seen (and played) only when using iTunes. The iPod shows memory consumed but "No Music" or any other files.

    I fixed this problem but had to take the radical step of moving all my music from PC to iMAC. I created a new user on the family's iMac and opened iTunes. I changed the Synch setting to Manual (unlikely it makes any difference) and used Restore feature to reset the iPod. I burned 1 CD just to see what would happen and Synch'd. WORKED! I then took all my music files from the PC via portable hard drive and moved them to the appropriate folder on the Mac. There are instructions on the Support page to do this. I struggled until I found that iTunes does not recognize the new files until you select File/Add to Library/ and then select the folder with the copied files.

    Of note; PC was upgraded to iTunes 9.2.1 while Mac was not. I don't intend to upgrade the Mac for fear the bug is in 9.2.1 (upgrade was suspiciously close to when problem started).

    I am fortunate to have the iMac (even though this will be less convenient than using my laptop PC). If you don't have the Mac my recommendation is to try the Genius desk at your local Apple store where they may replace it if they can't fix it. Good luck!!