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I have a WiFi iPad (love it). I have the video out adapter and use that to display keynote presentations to our conference room video system at work. It's flawless and I'm happy.

Except: my iPad is tethered to the attached video out adapter which is in turn attached to the fat, honking VGA adapter cable that plugs into the master controller PC in the conference room. Rather limiting, that.

I've seen wireless VGA adapters that (supposedly) let you stream VGA content over some wireless signal. Many of these are VGA from one computer to a USB adapter on a 2nd PC. But IOGear, etc offer different flavors of these adapters. They're pricey, sometimes $200 for a complete setup.

My question is simple: has anyone tried this with an iPad? I presume you'd connect the iPad video adapter cable to the VGA wireless adapter box, and then plug the USB adapter box into the host PC driving the conference room projector.

This would be very sweet if it worked, even if it puts a boat-anchor dongle on the end of my iPad.

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