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Looking to get some opinions on setups.
Mainly I have looked at the AXIOM25 and the MPK25 or 49 Key.
I own an MPC so the fact the pads on these controllers may not be used, or that I will use them I will fall out of love with MPC and it will be rendered useless! Anyways, what do you use?

iMac G5, Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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    How well do you play? How are you planning to use it? As an input device, or as an instrument? Are you a piano player or more a keyboard player? Or perhaps an accordeonnist or a typist? What do you want it to be able to do? What sort of key touch would you prefer? Is it going to be for a bedroom studio, or on the road? Or something else? Feed Erik now!
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    As Erik pointed out in his post, the more information that can be provided, the better the responses that might be given that will help provide a useful list of choices for you.

    I use M-AUDIO's Keystation Pro 88. Its action is just "o.k.". However, it is an 88-key keyboard with lots of faders, turn-knobs and buttons that can be configured to suit one's needs. For me, this is very helpful during the sequencing process. There are plenty of faders or turn-knobs available to control the sound of the software instrument (volume, panning, vibrato, EQ, etc.). Although I wouldn't necessarily use this keyboard in a live situation, it works great for my needs, and it works great with Logic!
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    Well, funny... I usually am the one prodding those for more info, and here I am being vague! Shame!

    I am not much of a piano player, I have dabbled in quite a few synths over the years. I would be using it primarily for some strings, and bass lines, random tracks. I don't really play with two hands much, and If I do it's certainly not very proper. This is for a bedroom studio. I have a firewire interface so If it's MIDI that's fine, USB... fine as well. I had an M-Audio, smaller keystation a few years ago when I played with Garage band and didn't know much It got the job done. Being able to control the volume, pan, and a couple other goodies would be nice.
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    Oh yeah, I make a lot of beats as well! The logical choice would seem to be the MPK....