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I have an iphone with apps and stuff. I'm getting a new iphone and will leave the other to my wife.
- How do I transfer all the things in my old iphone to the new?
- Will she be able to reset the iphone and start over with her contacts, mail, etcetera...?

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    How to transfer the data on your old iphone to a new iphone:


    How to set up your old phone for your wife:

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    Thank you! That solves part of the problem. My question wasn't clear. The new phone will come preconfigured from my employer. I will sync it at work (mail, calendar etc) and would like to continue syncing my own stuff (private mail account, apps, music etcetera) from the old phone on my own mac's itunes. So it should be a merge rather than replace. I understand your first link will replace whatever is on the phone.
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    You can sync contacts & calendars with multiple computers, so syncing such with your work computer & home computer will be no problem(if your employer permits such). Itunes content, on the other hand, can only be synced with ONE computer at a time. Any attempt to sync such content with a second computer will result in All itunes content being first erased from your phone & then replaced with the content from the second computer.

    So, a few questions...When you get this iphone from your employer, are you sure they will permit installing apps, music, etc? Most employers don't, and can disable such through configuration utilities. Many, in fact, remove any ability to do such. Will your employer be installing their own apps on your phone?

    Post back those answers & we can best tell you what you can & can't do.
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    Thank you!

    1) "...are you sure they will permit installing apps, music etc..." -- reasonably sure they have no intent of blocking my own apps, but perhaps the iPhone or the combination of two iTunes masters will provide obstacles.
    2) "... will your employer install their own apps.." -- maybe. They will provide some form of VPN access to the intranet and I assume this means an app - probably preconfigured just for this particular user.

    I currently don't have access to people with sufficient tech savvy to answer. I'll ask again.

    If they install apps would that preclude my own apps from my own iTunes?
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    You are only partially correct in your statement of being able to sync contacts between computers.

    Repeated syncing of contacts and calendars (anything in info tab) on multiple computers WILL cause data corruption, removal, duplication, etc.

    Review http://support.apple.com/kb/TS1474 for more information.

    OP, please read this so you aren't startled when you sync between your computers on a regular basis and one sync your data is gone.
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    You need to wait until you get your phone from your employer and are aware of their policies & restrictions. As I've stated, most employers will disable the installation of all itunes content on company provided phones, and further may even prohibit the syncing of such phones with anything other than work computers(which would affect the syncing of your own contacts & calendar). Once you're aware of what you can/can't do, post back.
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    My employer uses exchange. I use iCal. I was hoping that they'd land in separate calendars, but realize there could be trouble. Then perhaps I could sync the calendar at work and other stuff except calendar at home. Would that work?

    My questions here is part of the process of deciding whether I should accept or decline the offer. I can always keep my "old" iPhone. Thanks for your help.
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    You should have no problem syncing your ical calendar & your work exchange calendar, as the iphone supports this.
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    OK; so the new employer owned iPhone is here. It is the same as my private, 3GS.
    - The carriers are different.
    - There is a employer configured "profile" that requires ...
    (1) a passcode (strong, at least 4 characters) on wake up,
    (2) restrictions (none) and
    (3) adds three bookmarks.
    - I sync to an employer exchange account
    I do all this on my private iPhone too, the only differences are
    - different versions of the profile (mine is slightly older)
    - different carriers

    Now, I'd like to
    a) transfer all my apps to the new phone and also - yes I'm allowed
    b) transfer my pictures and other data to the new phone
    c) start syncing my private iCal, contacts, mail to the new phone - yes I'm allowed
    b) upgrade the new phone to iOS4
    c) clear my private phone and turn it over to my wife.

    I don't think this can be done with the backup/restore method because of
    - different carriers
    - different versions of the profile

    How should I proceed?