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dzwiener Level 1 Level 1
when i try syncing my ipod it will usually take up to one to two hours to just back up my ipod why is this and is there anything i can do to speed it up
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    I've noticed this too, but not quite as bad as your experience. Lately I've been trying something I read in a separate post, which is to stop sending crash reports to Apple each time you sync. So far it seems to have helped but as there are probably multiple causes for a long backup, so this may not help in your case:

    1- Connect your Touch to iTunes and let it sync.

    2- Right-click (Windows, Opt-click on a Mac?) on the Touch's name and select "Reset iPod Warnings".

    3- Eject your Touch and disconnect it completely, then re-connect.

    4- +If your Touch has a crash report+ (it won't always) you will be prompted to send the report to Apple or not. Choose to not send the report to Apple and see if your backup goes a little faster. If you select the "remember selection" option (I think) you will not be sending such reports in the future. Maybe don't select the "remember" option, which will mean being prompted like this each time you sync. Try it for awhile like that, then maybe later select "remember" to not send these crash reports.

    5- At the prompt for sending the report to Apple, there is also an option to view the details which should open up a folder of all your crash reports. I was shocked at the hundreds of files that have accumulated. I opened a few but the information is not intelligible, so I have no idea what these contain or why they're being generated. Some of the filenames suggest that they are related to a particular app, so that may be a clue and you might try deleting that app from your Touch temporarily. For me I cleared out that folder since I would assume they've already been sent.