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  • V-l-a-d-i-m-i-r Level 1 Level 1

    Yes. We are closer now. It's all not that straightforward, though...

    The user-defined action per each gesture sounds good. But again, it's not just 1-2-3 and we have it.

    Keep an eye on the future updates.

  • Skye19 Level 1 Level 1

    thanks Vladimir, you're doing a great job in improving usability for bootcamp users.

  • Frankjl Level 1 Level 1

    I was about to install. But because of the nature of involvement between the software your pviding and my hardware I Read your terms and conditions.


    Care to explain why you dont guarantee that malicous code is not included when your the one behind the boards?

  • V-l-a-d-i-m-i-r Level 1 Level 1

    It's simple. Some web site, say, www.blabla.bla takes the program and publishes it (as they always do, without any permissions from author). Then the file on web site www.blabla.bla becomes infected. Maybe PC of the person who works as editor of this web site is filled with Trojans, who knows. Then you download the file onto your computer which, for example, operates the nuclear plant. Then... unleash your imagination So, would it be the fault of the author of the program? Definitely no. But where the virus was? In his program. Therefore, it's natural that the author wants to be (at least to some extent) protected against such scenarios.


    By the way, why not test the file with (more than 40 up-to-date antivirus engines). Or just use your regular antivirus/antispyware program.


    To summarize: to install or not to install ANY software is completely the question of faith. Some people believe that threats are everywhere, some people believe there is a ghost in the corner room. Some doesn't. This is it.

  • Frankjl Level 1 Level 1

    Iinstalled it. Got a error about being unable to communicate with trackpad. I uninstalled it. Now my trackpad is useless it does not work. I tried reinstalling your software. Not working. Re-installed boot camp drivers no go


    Any ideas?



    (edit) GOT it fixed. But I still get the unable to communicate with trackpad ++ driver. Double tap and everything else is not working so all I can do now is just move teh cursor and left click.

  • V-l-a-d-i-m-i-r Level 1 Level 1

    What is an exact generation (year of production) of your Macbook Air?

  • Skye19 Level 1 Level 1

    @Frankjl .... it's unfortunate that you're having some issues but did you follow the instructions exactly?


    I've only ever had one problem with installation and that was due to missing a step in the insatll intructions on the website. Other than that everything works as expected.


    did you install powerplan assistant first, are you running 64-bit windows 7 etc. ?

  • Frankjl Level 1 Level 1

    Mmacbook pro early 2011

    Installed powerplan first and then the trackpad ++.


    Yes, I am running windows 7 X64.

  • V-l-a-d-i-m-i-r Level 1 Level 1

    Is Power Plan Assistant controlling the keyboard backlight successfully? I.e., can the keyboard backlight be turned off using this utility?

  • Frankjl Level 1 Level 1

    Well I tested the setting to turn off display and it worked.


    I dont see the settings for backlight. From what I see everything seems to e working fine with power plan

  • V-l-a-d-i-m-i-r Level 1 Level 1

    Oh Lord!


    When you were installing the Power Plan Assistant, it asked you whether to install "the useful features for Boot Camp". It was right after the installation dialog is finished. You have either ignored this message, or answered "No".


    Could you please run the Power Plan installer again, now answering "Yes". And then answer "Yes" in the window which will say "64-bit OS detected". Then restart Windows (when asked). Then reinstall Trackpad++.


    It will work!

  • Frankjl Level 1 Level 1

    I did all of that.




    edit: Just in case I re-ran the installation- clicked yes etc. Still nto working.


    None the less- ill figure it out how to get the default driver working. Thanks for yoru time.

  • V-l-a-d-i-m-i-r Level 1 Level 1

    OK! I was glad to assist; it's just too strange there is no option to turn off the keyboard backlight. It's designed to be there, if the user had answered "yes". Truly mysterious!



  • mikegray Level 1 Level 1



    After successfully removing Trackpad++ several months ago, I decided to reinstall it and give it another try.


    For somereason, Windows hung and crashed during the installation process - right while I was trying to allow rights for a driver that isn't digitally signed. Now I get a communication error, and no amount of un- und reinstalling (programs, drivers, whatever) will fix it. Worst of all, I had restore system turned off.


    So ... do I have to reinstall Windows 7??

  • V-l-a-d-i-m-i-r Level 1 Level 1

    I know, you will not believe it, but, in my opinion, this is not related to Trackpad++. I know, hard to believe... but it was an accidental crash from Windows 7. And since it had happened in the worst possible moment of time, you have got such results. Why I think so? Thousands of people use the new Trackpad++, I mean, thousands have re-downloaded it since the latest update which brought 3+ finger gestures. And only 2-3 people (including you) indicated the problem with the new version. Note that the people who have everything runnig well do not write on this forum. And you too would not write if it worked for you...


    Anyways, I can take a look and see what is going on and how to fix. We can set up, say, Skype session. Please contact me via support email.

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