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  • pratnala Level 1 Level 1

    smc_ wrote:


    Hi V-l-a-d-i-m-i-r ,


    I did try to reinstall uing the link you provided and I get the same error. I never see the ++ icon, when I boot up the track pad dosn't work and I get the messsage "Cannot communicate with Trackpad++ driver! Please reinstall the Trackpad++." Reinstalling dosn't help. I am running win8 64 bit.


    Any help would be appresiated. Powerplan works fine.


    Hey there


    Try this. Uninstall PPA and Trackpad++. Remove the Bootcamp drivers. Install them again. Now install PPA and Trackpad++.


    I'm not sure whether you have to remove the registry entries. Probably Vlad can help you with that.


    And, don't forget to restart after every step.


    Btw, which version of Windows are you using? 7 or 8?

  • smc_ Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks Pratnala,


    I tryed your procedure, but I get the same error. I first time I tried the trackpad++ was after a clean install.

  • V-l-a-d-i-m-i-r Level 1 Level 1

    @smc_: I do not see the complete picture, and no one else is reporting the problems with the recent build. I'm trying to collect the facts. Let's go. So you had a clean Windows 8 x64 RTM with Boot Camp 4.0 drivers installed (Boot Camp 4.0 build 4326, I guess... installed from the WindowsSupport folder, right?). You had them installed on the Retina Macbook Pro. Then you installed the Power Plan Assistant, and answered "Yes" when it asked you "Is it a Macbook Pro? Install the useful Boot Camp-specific features?". Then Power Plan Assistant displayed the message that 64-bit OS is found, but the digital signature enforcement policy of the 32-bit Windows shall be applied in order to activate the keyboard backlight control driver? And you answered yes. Then rebooted and Power Plan Assistant was able to turn off the keyboard backlight? Then you installed the Trackpad++. Please confirm that all of the above is true.

    If you could reinstall Windows and do the steps above again, I guarantee, you would get the working Trackpad++ and everything. Because this is the way it all works for other people who have Retina MBP.

  • pratnala Level 1 Level 1

    Vlad I'm on build 4255, thats what I got on a Mid 2012 15 inch non-retina. My friend on a Late 2011 13 inch got 4076 or something. So that build is varying from person to person

  • V-l-a-d-i-m-i-r Level 1 Level 1

    Dear All,


    After two weeks of public testing and fine-tuning, the long-anticipated new Trackpad++ version is out! What's new:


    Windows 7: the most notable fix is that all of the gestures are now working in the elevated windows. Also note the much improved scrolling in the listboxes specifically. Plus a lot of smaller improvements, not visible to user.


    Windows 8: finally, full-bodied support! Below is the list of an advanced gestures available to Windows 8 users.


    1.)   Horizontal 2-finger swiping to the left from outside the right edge (action: show/hide Charms Bar, the gesture shall be performed like this:


    2.)   Horizontal 2-finger swiping to the right from outside the left edge (action: show/hide Metro Switcher if at least 1 Metro app is running)


    3.)   Horizontal 3-finger swiping (action: back / forward)


    4.)   Vertical 3-finger swiping (action: zoom in / zoom out)


    5.)   3-finger tap (action: middle mouse button)


    6.)   Horizontal 4-finger swiping (action: show/hide Charms Bar)


    7.)   Vertical 4-finger swiping (action: minimize/restore open windows)


    8.)   4-finger tap (action: show/hide Start screen)


    Supported Apple Macbook Pro generations:  Early 2009,  Mid 2009,  Mid 2010,  Early 2011,  Late 2011,  Mid 2012 / Retina.

    Supported Apple Macbook Air generations:  Mid 2009,  Late 2010,  Mid 2011,  Mid 2012.

  • pratnala Level 1 Level 1

    Great news!

  • smc_ Level 1 Level 1

    Hi Vladimir,


    That is exaclty what happened. I have build 4.0.4326. I may have run windows update before installing the powerplan & track pad.


    The only other item of not is that I have a test mode text lable on the bottom right of my screen.


    I'm not sure when I'll be able to do a clean install again.

  • V-l-a-d-i-m-i-r Level 1 Level 1

    @smc_: understood. could you send me an email? I will send you something.

  • V-l-a-d-i-m-i-r Level 1 Level 1

    Hey All, just a quick question. Or, better, a user opinion poll

    Here comes my question. Is everybody satisfied with MBP/MBA display backlight control in Boot Camp? I mean, how do you think, is the advanced/smoother control really necessary? I know, this is purely the Trackpad++ topic, I created it but nevertheless... would be interesting to know what the Trackpad++ users specifically think about this.

  • ExoMaker Level 1 Level 1

    My issue with the MBPR brightness control in bootcamp is that after waking from a sleep, the brightness, volume, keyboard, etc keys don't always work. If I reboot, they work fine. It is just after a while, they stop working.

  • V-l-a-d-i-m-i-r Level 1 Level 1

    I was actually asking because I had discovered the way to very smoothly change the brightness of the display. With the step that is much smoother than even in OS X.


    Back to Trackpad++ project: today it's the time for a small celebration, perhaps a cake or something

    The count of downloads from an official mirror (at has passed the 100000 mark today!

  • fliwatuet8 Level 1 Level 1

    Hi Vladimir,


    great project!!! Pleeeeeeeaaaaaase suppport the Apple® Wireless (Magic®) Trackpad!


    Best regards,


  • V-l-a-d-i-m-i-r Level 1 Level 1

    FYI: Magic Trackpad is very different. Totally, radically different internally. It only looks similar. Supporting Magic Trackpad is equal to creating a new, completely different trackpad driver from the scratch.

  • V-l-a-d-i-m-i-r Level 1 Level 1

    Ladies and Gentlemen, a new version of the Trackpad++, the world's first and only alternate Windows 7/8 multitouch trackpad driver for Macbook Pro/Air is out!


    Some general improvements are included in this new version (2.3d).


    1. Finally, Windows 8 from Boot Camp used by Parallels Desktop 8 for booting is safe to use with the new Trackpad++. The driver will not be loaded, you'll just get the relevant message. But what is most important, when back from VM to a real Boot Camp Windows 8 system, nothing needs to be performed. Trackpad++ will be loaded and will work as if nothing happened . Other combinations of VMs and OS haven't been tested, but shall be 100% safe to try now.


    However, I personally would not recommend to use Boot Camp partition for VM booting... not because of the Trackpad++, but in general. For example, Bootcamp.exe stopped working for me, BEFORE I even installed the Trackpad++, so there are some bugs in Parallels, obviously! Don't treat them as Trackpad++ bugs, please.


    2. It's no more mandatory (but still highly, HIGHLY recommended!) to install the full and official Boot Camp drivers package from Apple before you install the Trackpad++. If you didn't install the Boot Camp drivers, you must reinstall the Trackpad++ two times to get it working. (However, for x64 OS you still have to install the Power Plan Assistant first, and it requires at least the Bootcamp.exe to be up and running, so in the case of x64 OS you still need to at least partially install the Boot Camp drivers... FYI, Bootcamp.exe is the Apple-provided module that controls the brightness, keyboard backlight and volume via keyboard hotkeys, it's normally installed together with the rest of Boot Camp drivers, but can be installed individually by some geeks).


    For others, nothing changed in the new version, except of increased reliability of the edge and 3-finger gestures recognition. So, this is it. I recommend everyone to get the new build.

  • miknz Level 1 Level 1

    Hi Vlad,


    I just installed trackpad++ 2.3x64 on a macbook retina with windows 8 RTM (after of course installing powerplan7 v3.0b


    All powerplan and trackpadd++ features are working


    That's the good news.


    The Bad news is I now see "Test Mode Windows 8 Pro Build 9200" in the bottom right of my screen.


    How can I remove this?

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