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  • V-l-a-d-i-m-i-r Level 1 Level 1

    @FrederiQ: Thank you for feedback!

    "Continuous" zoom is a feasible thing. However, please note that since in Windows the percentage of the zoom applied greatly varies per application (and has, as a rule, large step!) this could be not that optimal for real-life usage. This is why I made this gesture "discrete".

  • pratnala Level 1 Level 1

    Can we have a swipe down from top or swipe up from bottom to reveal the app bar? Thanks!

  • floriko Level 1 Level 1

    Is it possible to control the mouse pointer speed independently from the trackpad pointer speed? trackpad pointer fast really messes up my mouse for some reason.

  • pratnala Level 1 Level 1

    Does the Arc Touch Mouse drivers affect this? Because after that, my three finger back and forward gestures stopped working too

  • V-l-a-d-i-m-i-r Level 1 Level 1

    @floriko: not possible in the current version... because of the way the pointer control had been implemented. This is one of the improvements for the future releases.


    @prantala: yes, edge-swipe from up is possible and would beautifully complement the existing edge-gestures of the Trackpad++. Could be a good feature for the future releases! And regarding the Arc Mouse: yes, affects. Affects only this single gesture for an unknown reason.

  • Jarmz1979 Level 1 Level 1

    Hi Vladimir, I just recently installed trackpad++ and I also got the test mode watermark. I changed the locale to EN-US but still cannot get the patch to move forward. This is what I see whenever I run it in the cmd administrative prompt.


    Windows 8 x64 - Remove Test Mode Nag Message. Cooked by Vladimir Plenskiy


    Could not detect locale for removing watermarks! Tried en-US and en-US.

  • V-l-a-d-i-m-i-r Level 1 Level 1

    @Jarmz1979: I have an example when one man from New Zealand actually still had EN-NZ because one of the settings didn't mach others.Could you verify that United States / English (United States) is set both in Region -> Formats,  Region -> Location and Region -> Administrative... If not, please set. Then reboot, and then try to apply the fix again.

  • V-l-a-d-i-m-i-r Level 1 Level 1

    @All:  Among the most popular new user questions comes the following one: "what is the difference between the Trackpad++ for Windows 7 and Windows 8". So I think I will provide the answer right here (again).


    Common features (available both in Windows 7 and Windows 8):

    1.)   Horizontal 3-finger swipe (action: back / forward)

    2.)   Vertical 3-finger swipe (action: zoom in / zoom out)

    3.)   3-finger tap (action: middle mouse button)

    4.)   Vertical 4-finger swiping (action: minimize/restore open windows, although the method is different per OS, see above)

    5.)   Accelerated/natural scrolling model implemented

    6.)   Better pointer ballistics (i.e. how a pointer speed depends on a finger speed; six optimal presets built-in)

    7.)   Bug-free dragging with two fingers (both fingers allowed to move freely, unlike with Boot Camp-native driver), plus a unique option to increase the pointer speed while dragging

    8.)   User-customizable option to ignore accidental trackpad input when typing, option to eliminate accidental drag'n'drop actions (for tap-style dragging)


    Windows 8-only features:

    1.)   Horizontal 2-finger swipe to the left from outside the right edge (action: show/hide Charms Bar, the gesture shall be performed like this:

    2.)   Horizontal 2-finger swipe to the right from outside the left edge (action: show/hide Metro Switcher if at least 1 Metro app is running)

    3.)   Horizontal 4-finger swipe (action: show/hide Charms Bar)

    4.)   4-finger tap (action: show/hide Start screen)

    5.)   Option to "respect focus" for scrolling in an underlying window regardless of the focus state (it's always on in Windows 7, but made user-configurable in Windows 8, because of the incompatibility with certain Metro apps)


    Windows 7-only features:

    1.)   Vertical 4-finger swipe down (action: show all windows using the Windows Flip 3D feature)

    2.)   Horizontal 4-finger swipe (action: Alt-Tab alternative)

  • Aloha.jen Level 1 Level 1

    I've combed through this discussion of trackpad++ and haven't discovered an answer for my question: I need to find out if I can install/use trackpad++ if I have Win 8 Pro on MacBook Air 2012 (purchased last week) and chose to use parallels instead of partitioning in boot camp.


    If so, please let me know if there is anything special to consider. Thank you!

  • Marcelo NS Level 1 Level 1

    Hi Vladimir,


    I have an issue. Vertical scrolling works fine everywhere. Horizontal scrolling however only works in web browsers, is this a known issue or I have a problem in my configuration? Any perspective to fix it?

  • Contradel Level 1 Level 1

    Hey Vlad, I purchased Trackpad++ but I'm really missing a double tap to drag function. The one that's there now is as bad as the bootcamp implementation with about 100ms delay. Could this be implemented better?


    Also. The "almost OSX like" scrolling doesn't seem almost OSX like to me, I'm wonderen if something is wrong on my end, have you ever thought about making a youtube channel, where you would show of your product? That way, talking about future improvements would be easier.

  • V-l-a-d-i-m-i-r Level 1 Level 1

    @Aloha.jen: Trackpad++ will only work if you have a real Windows via Boot Camp. You cannot use it with Parallels. However, the recent version of the Trackpad++ is safe to use if you decide to share the same physical partition for Boot Camp and Parallels booting. That is, the driver will not be loaded if Parallels detected, but will be loaded and will function properly when back in Boot camp.


    @Marcelo NS: Oh yes, horizontal scrolling does not work in all applications. It works in the web browsers, in most of the Metro apps, in some other apps (in Windows Task Manager, for example). The issue with horizontal scrolling is that in Windows, unlike in OS X, there shall be code-level scrolling support in each application, and not all of the applications have it. Not an optimal architecture. In this category, OS X wins over Windows


    @Contradel: Let me explain some technical details. To remove 1-finger dragging delay, the Trackpad++ shall deactivate the lower-level Boot Camp HID driver completely (it is provided by Apple as a part of the HID drivers stack). This is not the best, not the reliable way. Therefore Trackpad++ integrates into the HID stack instead of overwriting it. And the delay is already there when Trackpad++ receives the data. This is why it cannot be removed (with the current architecture). I realize, 2-finger dragging is not the ideal solution. However, I have managed to improve the 2-finger dragging vs. what Apple offers. For example, you can move the fingers freely, not just in the bottom, plus there is an optional dragging speed doubler, which simplifies the dragging further.


    Regarding the vertical scrolling. I have a similar question in FAQ. Let me put it here:


    Q.:  Even with Trackpad++, the scrolling in my web-browser isn't as smooth as in Mac OS X (Safari). Any suggestions?

    A.:  First of all, even in Mac OS X, other browsers do not provide the same ultra-smooth experience as Safari. So, the question is not just about the trackpad driver settings, but about how each specific browser handles the scrolling events it receives from the driver. For Windows, the answer would be - use the Firefox or Opera web-browser. These browsers work best with Trackpad++, providing ALMOST as smooth and as intuitive scrolling experience as Safari in Mac OS X. As to the rest of the browsers, the experience may not be that perfect.

    P.S. This is true for all the other apps, not for the web-browsers only. To summarize: because the scrolling behavior is different per application, it almost impossible to have the perfect solution.


    Finally: love the idea about YouTube. Thank you very much for suggesting.

  • y.orim Level 1 Level 1

    This week I boght Magic trackpad, very good device in MAc OS X! Very bad in Windows . Vladimir please support the magic trackpad too! I'm big big fan of your trackpad++ driver for my Macbook! Thank U!!!!!

  • V-l-a-d-i-m-i-r Level 1 Level 1

    @y.orim: Thank you. I hope to support Magic Trackpad in the future. But the highest priority is to build even better driver for the internal trackpads. See my important message below.




    One not-that-obvious thing (probably). You know, from very the beginning I made the Trackpad++ software available for free. Trackpad++ is NOT limited in features, and will NOT expire like a classic trial; so indeed you CAN use it infinitely without any charge, just by getting the new builds.


    As you could have noticed by reading this thread, some sweet sounding yet very complex feature requests are coming (right?) and those do require re-working the driver significantly. As I had expained many times in this topic, this could require drastic architecture changes, it's almost like making everything from the scratch, just in the even more complex way. I CAN do this, but I naturally CANNOT spend yet another year on the development without getting something from it. Nevertheless, I still DO NOT want to commercialize the software, although I could have started selling it for, say, 35 USD per license. It is, however, simply not my vision.


    So, I ask all of the people who want this software to not just stay alive, but to flourish: please consider donating for the Trackpad++ development. How much? Well, the donation size is COMPLETELY up to you. And this is what makes the Trackpad++ approach different.


    Imagine the truly perfect Boot Camp trackpad driver that matches, or even outperforms the OS X implementation. This is more real than one might think - just see what all of the Trackpad++ gestures and improvements have brought to Windows-on-the-Mac already.


    Thank You for listening.

  • pratnala Level 1 Level 1

    You rock Vlad Will surely consider donating


    One small request (hope this isn't too complicated): Can the edge gestures (for the Charms bar and Recent Apps bar) be made one finger instead of two finger? Also, I hope vertical swipe for app bar is coming


    I <3 Trackpad++


    Btw I just wanted to ask you what do you do for a living? Apart from making Trackpad++?

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