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  • V-l-a-d-i-m-i-r Level 1 (10 points)

    @pratnala: oh, thank you... this is highly appreciated...


    I'm a poet  J


    Obviously my work is related to some serious programming, this is why I cannot spend all of my time on the Trackpad++ development (the priorities can be changed, though... if the community supports my effort... or if I make the software commercial which I would not do not wish to do, because, well, this is simply not my philosophy... however, the philosophy can sometimes be altered by the reality (C)).


    Regarding the edge gestures: in fact, at first I made them one-finger. During the testing, this appeared to cause to the following issues:

    - During the normal work with trackpad it was sometimes possible to trigger the gesture accidentally;

    - Some space at the edges (near the edges) was borrowed, i.e. not usable with one finger because of the way the gestures are implemented.


    Two-finger implementation appeared to be reliable, the gesture never happens accidentally. Also, this mimics the Mountain Lion edge gesture, which is two-finger only. Looks organic. Of course, this isn't the way it's implemented in the Windows 8 tablets, but... these are the tablets

  • V-l-a-d-i-m-i-r Level 1 (10 points)

    @All:  Among the most popular new user questions comes the following one: "what is the difference between the Trackpad++ for Windows 7 and Windows 8". So I think I will provide the answer right here (again).




    Common features (available both in Windows 7 and Windows 8):


    1.)   Horizontal 3-finger swipe (action: back / forward)


    2.)   Vertical 3-finger swipe (action: zoom in / zoom out)


    3.)   3-finger tap (action: middle mouse button)


    4.)   Vertical 4-finger swiping (action: minimize/restore open windows, although the method is different per OS, see above)


    5.)   Accelerated/natural scrolling model implemented


    6.)   Better pointer ballistics (i.e. how a pointer speed depends on a finger speed; six optimal presets built-in)


    7.)   Bug-free dragging with two fingers (both fingers allowed to move freely, unlike with Boot Camp-native driver), plus a unique option to increase the pointer speed while dragging


    8.)   User-customizable option to ignore accidental trackpad input when typing, option to eliminate accidental drag'n'drop actions (for tap-style dragging)




    Windows 8-only features:


    1.)   Horizontal 2-finger swipe to the left from outside the right edge (action: show/hide Charms Bar, the gesture shall be performed like this:


    2.)   Horizontal 2-finger swipe to the right from outside the left edge (action: show/hide Metro Switcher if at least 1 Metro app is running)


    3.)   Horizontal 4-finger swipe (action: show/hide Charms Bar)


    4.)   4-finger tap (action: show/hide Start screen)


    5.)   Option to "respect focus" for scrolling in an underlying window regardless of the focus state (it's always on in Windows 7, but made user-configurable in Windows 8, because of the incompatibility with certain Metro apps)




    Windows 7-only features:


    1.)   Vertical 4-finger swipe down (action: show all windows using the Windows Flip 3D feature)


    2.)   Horizontal 4-finger swipe (action: Alt-Tab alternative)

  • FrederiQ Level 1 (5 points)


    After the long-lasting testing I can confirm that all of those multi-touch features made Windows 8 a truly competitive OS on the Macbook Pro. Amazing work! Should be the real shock for the Apple IMO, as they've made the input driver poor on a big purpose, aiming to protect OS X and App Store from the Windows expansion. And you know, I've become nearly confident Apple will soon make you an offer, Vladimir. That's their style: they'll offer you the price you won't be able to resist. And sure they'll destroy the Trackpad++ code upon purchasing from you. I'm not complaining, I'm just thinking out loud



  • Marcelo NS Level 1 (40 points)

    Hi Vlad,


    I have the same concern of FrederiQ, sooner or later Apple may make you an offer and is not gonna be for improving our bootcamp experience thats for sure (look what they did with bluetooth drivers). Thanks to trackpad++ I can interact with my Bootcamp Win 8 partition really pleasently.


    PS: If you add the option of disabling 3 finnger zoom and swipe when enabling 3 finger drag, i will be the first one purchasing a trackpad++ license (despite already having my key )


    Thank you for your very good job.  

  • V-l-a-d-i-m-i-r Level 1 (10 points)

    @Marcelo NS: Feature request accepted

  • Marcelo NS Level 1 (40 points)

    V-l-a-d-i-m-i-r wrote:


    @Marcelo NS: Feature request accepted

    @Vald: Thank you!. Your effort is extremely appretiated.


    I cerntaily understand the issues with Horizonatl Scrolling. For me is working in most of the application I use. Except one of the most important ones for me Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Power Point). I came across with Autohotkey. After many hours of reading about this beatuy scripting program I found a litle woraround for fixing the horizontal scrollling issue for Office.

    Other users may find it usefull therefore allow me to post the link here: or-trackpad-driver/

  • miknz Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi Vlad,


    I am still seeing TEST MODE Windows 8 Pro Build 9200.


    I followed thesteps you told me previously to remove that and they didn't work. I have been living with it up untill now but it is really bothering me.


    I am now running Trackpad++ Exp Date 2/3/2013 and Poweplan Assitant V3.0b.


    Windows 8 Pro 64, Macbook 15" Retina


    Thanks for any help

  • miknz Level 1 (0 points)

    I Should also add.


    The steps I took just now was to run Windows_8_x64_Test_Mode_Remover in adminstrator mode.


    My Region settings are:

    Format: English (New Zealand)

    Home Location: New Zealand

    System Locale (language for non unicode programs): English (United States)



  • V-l-a-d-i-m-i-r Level 1 (10 points)

    @miknz: Just for the final test, please set the region settings as following:

    Format: English (United States)

    Home Location: United States

    System Locale (language for non unicode programs): English (United States)

    Then reboot, then apply the fix as admininstrator, reboot again, apply again.

    Even if you did all of those in the past, please try.


    @Marcelo NS: Impressive, thank you very much.

  • miknz Level 1 (0 points)

    Ok I have tried all you said.


    ALL region settings set to USA, reboot, applied fix as admin, rebooted, applied again.


    This time I applied the fix in an administator mode command prompt, so I could see what the application was reporting.


    This is what it said both times..







    Windows 8 x64 - Remove Test Mode Nag Message. Cooked by Vladimir Plenskiy.



    Could not detect locale for removing watermarks! Tried en-US and en-US.



    I can confirm that all region settings are set to USA.


    Region / Format : English (United States)

    Region / Location: Home Location: United States

    Region / Administrative : Language for non-Unicode programs: English (United States)


    Thanks again for looking into this.

  • Marcelo NS Level 1 (40 points)

    @miknz: I ran in the same issue. If you go to lanuage preferences>options. Make sure that the first tab say: Windows Display Language : Enabled.

    If says somtheing about that there is a package available for download. You need to download first, let it install and reboot.

    Only then Vlad fix worked for me.

    PS: Do you have installed WinShell/Start8 or similar? Because this also seem to have been interfeering in the WM removal process. If you do have, try to uninstal them first (u can reinstall this apps when the WM is gone).


    @Vlad: thank you. I can not belive that on Win8 any single program is expecting a different trigger/input for performing H.Scrolling (Is this even rational?). I have updated the script to add the functionality for Adobe. Now all my programs are scrolling smoothly . or-trackpad-driver/

  • StephenPAdams Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi Vlad,


    Love your product! I've noticed something peculiar with the Trackpad++ installation on my Windows 8 64 bit installation (Macbook Pro, i7, 16GB RAM).


    On boot up, it takes a longgggg time for Power Plant Assistant and Trackpad++ to run. Is this normal? And by a long time I mean something to the tune of like 5 minutes.


    After the computer goes into hibernate, when it boots back in...Trackpad++ is frozen.


    Versions: Power Plan Assistant v3.0b

    Trackpad++ 2.3d


    Thanks Vlad!


  • floriko Level 1 (0 points)

    No mine does not need 5minutes.


    Feature Request: Auto updater !!!1177

  • FrederiQ Level 1 (5 points)

    Wow, 5 minutes! For me it takes three seconds to have both of the tools loaded! Something is really wrong with your OS so what I'd do is try to reinstall it! But let's wait for the response from Vladimir

  • V-l-a-d-i-m-i-r Level 1 (10 points)

    @StephenPAdams: No user ever reported anything like this, so I have to conclude that this is unique to your system; what exactly is not right with your OS, I cannot know, sorry... So, yes, I too would recommend refreshing the OS, if possible.

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