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    Thank you for the registry idea!


    I just manually deleted all references to PPA and TP++ manually using regedit and that certainly helped solve my problems.


    Thank you for you suggestions.



  • V-l-a-d-i-m-i-r Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)

    @pratnala: Just a thought: maybe it's easier to just right-click? As this  already reveals the app bar.


    @rtheb: Now I realize; thanks. Good to know everything is working at your location!


    @All: Thank You for all the messages here, and for the massive email attack with the positive feedback. Good to know the huge amount of time and effort spent on this new version hasn't been the time wasting.



    Your Dev

  • pratnala Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)

    Yeah we can right click but slide down from app bar will make it complete


    And also, to show off to the friends who got those new Synaptics drivers and keep showing off swipe from top #Kidding


    I use command + z for app bar btw haha

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    Hahah I think this would be great just for kicks, as soon as there isn't much left to add or fix. When the current gestures get perfected and if pinch to zoom comes around... perhaps. It's whatever the guy feels like doing. It's his spare time project. I just love that he's brought so much more functionality to Apple's own trackpad for Windows than they have.

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    Wanted to say that I found the issue with that small delay after setting down an object with three fingers... As soon as I unchecked "When typing, ignore trackpad input", the delay when setting down objects was gone! Great find. I don't think that that feature completely ignored the trackpad input while typing anyways, IMO.


    I am finally happy

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    Hey Vladimir,


    now that I got the key for Trackpad++, do I still need to have the mandatory Power Plan Assistant installed?

    Because I frankly don't need it and the popups are annoying.



  • V-l-a-d-i-m-i-r Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)

    @arotto: Just in case: the Power Plan Assistant is a mandatory pre-requisite only for 64-bit Windows. Furthermore, only the fact of installation of the Power Plan Assistant matters, so to avoid that 'Please update' message, it is safe to just remove it… and the Trackpad++ will not be affected. On the other hand, if you think the Power Plan Assistant deceives a small (or maybe the large, who knows) donation, please consider donating. As always with my projects, you and only you choose the donation size, according to your opinion about the software. I do believe this is the fair play, i.e. if you do not like it, you are not forced to use it; if you like it a bit you could donate a bit and support the development; if you like it very much, you can donate much, and support the development more significantly.




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    I assume your website is up to date, but just to confirm, the magic trackpad is not yet supported by Trackpad++, right?


    This looks great, just wish I could use it on my iMac. I don't see any point in loading Windows 8 on it otherwise!

  • V-l-a-d-i-m-i-r Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)

    Correct, the Magic trackpad is not supported. Only the built-in trackpads of MBP, MBPr and MBA...

  • V-l-a-d-i-m-i-r Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)



    By the way... I'm (again) wondering how big is the demand for the Magic Trackpad driver, as of today. I ask everyone who would like the Trackpad++ for Magic Trackpad to please leave the message right there. Thanks.

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    I would love to have Trackpad++ for the Magic Track Pad!


    In the beginning Trackpad++ used to work wonderfully with Windows Vista x32 and 7 x32 using the Magic Trackpad.


    I wrote a tutorial in 2011 for The Bullettrain Express - which I used to control my Home Theatre PC (Lenovo ThinkPad running Vista x32) at the time of writing.


    The tutorial is here:



    I recommended using Trackpad++ as an option for using the Magic Trackpad with Windows.


    Support for the Magic Trackpad will reopen the Home Theatre PC for us which would be a HUGE improvement over the other Options I included..


    Again a Big Thanks for all you've done for us!

  • V-l-a-d-i-m-i-r Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)

    @rtheb: Thanks for your response. Well, Trackpad++ had no multitouch support at that point of time in 2011... To the contrary, now it's the totally separate, fully-functional mulitouch driver. This is why it cannot work with Magic Trackpad anymore. It would require many months of work to build the same driver for the Magic Trackpad.


    Hundreds of people (ok, not just people, but already Mac/Boot Camp users) are subscribed to this thread already, and hundreds of newcomers are viewing it every day. And no one responded yet, just 2 people. The Magic Trackpad / Windows 8 combo seems to be too exotic, so I hesitate whether to start working on the new driver. The question is: do a lot of people really need it, like they need the current Trackpad++ for Windows on the Macbook family? As of today, my observations are not optimistic. But I let the people vote. For example, back in 2010 when I had been asking about the Boot Camp driver replacement, many people were interested. In fact so many people that my email inbox was driven almost unusable. And now it is zero... Sorry, not zero but 2 people in total including emails


    My vision is, at least 100 people should vote right here, in this topic, within two weeks or so. Otherwise I will get a solid prove that this combo is too exotic to be interesting to community. I highly respect the requests even from 2 people, but please understand, this is something I have to work on for many months, and work hard. So naturally this shall be something global. The reason to start the work, I mean.

  • rtheb Level 1 Level 1 (140 points)



    If you had a chance to check out the tutorial I referenced at Bullettrain you can see that even getting a right click to work with Windows at the time was a MAJOR achievement.


    Jake (Bullettrain President) was really Happy when I told him about Trackpad ++ working with his Bullettrain Express as the Home Theater PC was just in its infancy and being able to control a PC from your lap sitting watching TV was so effortless especially with the Wireless Keyboard/Magic Trackpad combined in one device like the Bullettrain Express instead of laying on your belly to do anytjing.


    I'm sure that a stripped down Trackpad++ version just for the PC market is still preferable than the only viable alternative from Magic Tools


    I use The Magic Tools Magic Trackpad Control Panel now since they basically have no competition to run my Bullettrain Express.

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    So I'll chime in: it would be great to see it happen, even though it'd be a lot of work for you Vladimir. It would 'complete' the family (unless there's earlier MBA/MBP models I forgot about - but I don't think they count since they're not contemporary and not capable of the full multitouch stuff anyway!). It'd be a great thing indeed.


    I think I can speak for the silent majority that this is how everyone else feels.


    However, I also know that if you did work on it, development on the MBP/MBA product might suffer as a this is why I didn't want to say anything lol. There's a conflict of interest, whichis why there's so little yeses I think.


    But so you don't think no one cares at all, I thought I'd chime in with these thoughts. If you have time for it, it'd be great - maybe make it a 'hobby' project (get my reference? ), only when you have some time to spare (and if it's possible to do it casually like that - perhaps it's not and it's more of an 'all-in heady dive into the complicated mess and concentrate on it while your hands are dirty and you're working it out' kind of endeavour), but I think you should mostly focus mostly on the fantastic product for our laptops, since as we all know, that's 99% of the market for apple trackpad usage on windows. I simply don't use desktops anymore, so I'm not excited about the idea of the apple magic trackpad on a windows tower. It's nice but it's a luxurious thought, not a 'necessatiy' like the mighty MBP :).


    BTW, you still haven't added a changelog to the website or installer package!

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    Here another yes for the magic trackpad

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