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At work I use MS Excel on Windows and I use the keyboard shortcuts a lot.

eg. Alt+= for sum the cells above
Alt+I, Alt+R for insert a row
Alt+D for downfill

How do I set this up on iWork numbers?

Also, where could I go to find out how to do this on MS Excel 2008 for Mac?


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    You take care of what is written in the available System's Help :

    Every existing menu item may be given a shortcut.

    Such menu items are available in the menu "Table":
    Table > Add Row Above ( already alt + up_arrow)
    Table > Add Row Below ( already alt + down_arrow)
    Table > Add Column Before ( already alt + left_arrow)
    Table > Add Column After ( already alt + right_arrow)

    Sum is available as Insert > Function > Sum

    Fill down is available as Insert > Fill > Fill Down

    Yvan KOENIG (VALLAURIS, France) vendredi 21 mai 2010 14:38:07
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    As Yvan said, it is in the help files. The procedure is

    1) Open System Preferences and navigate to the Keyboard section then keyboard shortcuts.
    2) Hit the + to add a new shortcut
    3) Having it apply to All Applications is the default. You may want to use that because otherwise you'll have to do this once for Numbers and once for Excel. On the other hand, it might screw up an existing shortcut in another application if you are using a key combination assigned to something else in that application.
    4) Type in the menu title EXACTLY as it is in the menu. Capitalization and punctuation are important. You don't need to put Insert/Function/Sum, just Sum.
    5) Choose a key combination. Note that some key combinations cannot be reassigned. For instance, Alt+ (actually this is Option=) does not work; it inserts a not equal to symbol. Nor does Command+ (Command=) because it is assigned by Numbers to something else. Control+ will work. You can, however, make a different shortcut for the existing Command= shortcut (Format/Font/Bigger) so there is no conflict.
    6) Click Add.

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    Here are my own shortcuts :

    In the descriptions saved in the Preferences file,
    @ means : command key
    ~ means : alt key (French keyboards) option key (English keyboards)
    $ means : shift key
    ^ means : control key

    Graphical symbols are the navigation arrows.

    Yvan KOENIG (VALLAURIS, France) vendredi 21 mai 2010 17:43:14