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Michael Bradshaw Level 5 (4,135 points)
I was using my iPad last night when it just started asking for my iTunes store password and I was browsing the web in safari. I just entered it and scratched my head. Later I was playing a game - the same prompt interrupted the game.


It happened about five times before I finally went to the settings app and signed out of the app store. I don't think it's related to any one app since the prompt was happening at seemingly random intervals no matter what I was doing (even on the home screen with no app "running")

Signing out seems to have corrected the problem. Apps still run and I will try signing in again later once I need to download anything. I haven't done much other than update 5 apps earlier in the day.

Does anyone else have experience on what caused this?

Here's what it's not:
1) Time - I checked the date/time on the iPad - they were within seconds of my mac which sets time automatically on the internet.
2) Password wrong - I downloaded a free app from the store app on the device after entering the password - so the password was fine for a purchase/download after the prompt. (Yet the prompt came back again within 30 minutes)