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I turned on voice over because I thought it would fix a problem where I couldn't get sound in some applications (that problem fixed by resetting the phone). Now I can't get voice over to turn off! The first problem I had was that I couldn't scroll. The directions for voice over say "flick 3 fingers" to scroll, and that seemed to work (tapping three different fingers one at a time) immediately after I turned VO on. But now that doesn't work.

I read some other ?? in the forum, and then tried double tapping with three fingers to scroll. Now, my phone is completely dark!!!! I can't figure out how to make everything appear again; tapping doesn't work at all, neither does pushing the button. I know I need to go into "general" and then into "accessibility" to turn this dang thing off, but how do I get there now????

I know somehow I need to get into "general" and scroll down to "accessibility" to turn this dang thing off, but how do I get there

iPhone 3 g s, iPhone OS 3.1.3, Not sure about operating system
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I had same problem. When I went back to the General Settings Screen, the accessibility was off the screen and I could not figure out how to get down to it. It is SWIPE with three fingers to scroll (not tap as mentioned above). Pushing three fingers up the screen allowed me to see the Accessibility Button and get back to the screen where I could turn it off

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