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I am going to purchase my first macbook pro next week. I am switching from Windows to Apple after 10 plus years of use. I am very excited to make the switch. My question is this, I was wondering what is the best way to buy one at an apple store? Should I schedule a one on one to make sure i get a rep? The reason I say this is because the store i go to is constantly busy and seems as though i probably wouldnt be able to get a sales rep for a while. Also i was wondering if this is something people use alot or does scheduling a one on one not happen very often. The last question I have is should i call ahead to the store to see if they have the macbook that i want in stock? If they dont can i order one over the phone and schedule a pickup at the store? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    Welcome to Apple Discussions!

    It never hurts to get a rep, as they may be able to show you things about the machine you may not have known, and if they are well trained, they can answer all your questions and make you feel more comfortable about your purchase.

    For custom configurations that are not listed in the store online by default, you will likely need to go online, though some stores have a fully featured configuration with the maximum custom addons all prebundled. For more customization online is better.

    Ordering over the phone to the brick and morter store is not as likely to be doable, though some stores may offer it. Each store has their own policy, and I suggest calling them ahead to find out what it is.

    You can at least for http://www.apple.com/retail/ set a genius bar appointment ahead of time, to discuss your needs.
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    Well the last time i was in the store i overheard a rep saying to another customer that the only macbook pro's they had in stock were ones that were pre-ordered a week and a half in advance, this was probably two weeks ago.
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    That's certainly possible. They are high in demand items. But schedule yourself a genius bar appointment, or ask us questions about Macs, and we can help narrow down which machines is your best choice.
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    Hi hallor61809,

    If you decide to visit the store for assistance I'd recommend making a "Personal Shopping" appointment and not a Genius Bar appointment. While technical the Genius Bar is available for pre-sale technical questions, the sales reps who handle Personal Shopping are really the preferred people. From my experience, both when I worked at the Genius Bar and prior to working at Apple the techs are usually swapped with repairs and triage and honestly will probably be more inclined to rush through your series of questions versus spending the appropriate time with you to get them answered.

    The Personal Shopping reps are specifically designed for that reason, to spend as much as necessary with you and ensure your questions are answered appropriately.
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    At some point you want to get familiar with this:
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