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I'm having some difficulties with one playlist. It's a smart playlist I built on iTunes and it includes songs I haven't listened much, removing non music items (spoken word, podcast, etc) and some music genre (classical).

When I add this list to my iPhone selection, the capacity of the iPhone (on the iTunes panel) shows the space for Music going from 7.48GB to 8.55GB, and the free space going down from 3.03GB to 1.95GB. However, the list doesn't show up on the iPhone under Playlists. Some other smart playlists do show up there fine. It's the only one that doesn't work.

The smart playlists I have listed are: "Music_Best", "Music_BestLeastPlayed", and then the one not appearing is "Music_LeatPlayed".

The individual songs do show up on the phone, but not the list.

Any idea what I can do to solve this bizarre problem?



iPhone 3G 16GB, Windows XP Pro