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Jxnlove Level 1 Level 1
Does anyone know how I can deactivate my i tunes on windows xp at work so that my phone will be recognized at home using i tunes on a mac?

My iphone is only recognized at work. When I login at home it reads: this Iphone is already activated. you may disconnect this iphone now.. It doesn't give me any options... and therefor I cannot add anything to my phone at home... what to do?

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  • wackyracer01 Level 1 Level 1
    i dont know much but do u log out at work?
  • Jxnlove Level 1 Level 1
    Yes I think so.. I use the logout button that is under store. But it still did not work.. I think this is the way to logout right?
  • Jxnlove Level 1 Level 1
    Today I deleted I tunes at work hoping it would def. work again at home. But I am still getting the message that my phone is already activated and that I cannot connect. :*( Who can help me with this?
  • diesel vdub Level 7 Level 7
    Why do you need to log out of iTunes? Nothing you have stated indicates that being logged into iTunes on one system is affecting another.

    What is the exact message you are getting when you try to sync your iPhone on a 2nd pc? Is it saying that the 2nd computer is not authorized?

    iTunes is designed to ONLY allow you to sync your device with one computer. If you are truly trying to sync with 2 computers, then you are only going to create problems.

    Please clarify what specifically it is that you are attempting to do and need help with. You will get more assistance that way.
  • Jxnlove Level 1 Level 1
    Thanx for your comment..

    I keep on getting an error message when I log my phone to my home computer (mac) while when I login at work (windows xp) it seems to work fine. When trying to connect at home I receive the message "this iphone is activated. You may disconnect this iphone now."

    So that is why I was asking how to deactivate iphone in itunes. Due to this message I cannot connect to my data at home.
  • Lawrence Finch Level 8 Level 8
    Mac OS X
    As has been previously said, you can only sync with one computer. So if you get it working at home you will have the same problem when you go to the office.

    However, your problem is unusual. Normally when you try to sync to a different computer you get a message telling you that your content will be erased. Have you tried syncing the iphone when you get that message, rather than disconnecting?
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    On your home computer, launch iTunes, go up to iTunes, click on "About", what does it say, if anything?