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I am using Mail.app with a MobileMe account only. Since enabling the MobileMe Mail Beta I have been unable to remove the junk mail folder on MobileMe WebMail and disable junk mail filtering. Hence, the junk mail folder is syncing down to my Mail.app - but instead of creating the junk mail folder with the junk icon under "MAILBOXES" it is creating a generic folder icon under "USERNAME@ME.COM" - why the is it not recognizing its the junkmail folder and pairing it with the mailbox items and giving it the fancy little icon. I have changed the settings around in Mail.app several times to no avail (enable/disable junkmail, store on server, etc.) and also used the "Use as.." menu item to delegate the folder as the junk mail folder. Any ideas?

2 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo iMac;15" Unibody MBP (Early 2k9), Mac OS X (10.6.3), iPad, iPhone 3Gs, MobileMe, Airport Extreme Dual Band, AppleTV.
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    I am also having this issue. What I am seeing is that the Junk folder in the Mail app on the phone is capturing junk from my yahoo.com address, but that the Me.com/Mac.com mail is ending up in the generic Junk folder in the USERNAME@MAC.COM section. This only recently began to happen and the worst part is an email that is not junk in any way (from an email address in my address book and has never been marked as trash by me) ended up there where there was no way to tell it it wasn't junk. When I log into the web version of mail, the junk folder appears there, but also very generically. Any thoughts would be appreciated-it seems like something up the chain somewhere and not any of my local settins.

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    I'm having the same thing happen to me as well. Generic blue junk folder appears, even when I delete the folder it re-appears later. I never activated the mobileme mail beta and I don't have an iphone/ipad. Hoping its a temporary issue with whatever Apple is doing on the back end to mobileme accounts.
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    Anyone have any luck resolving this? MobileMe is no longer in Beta and I am now stuck with the problem again. Thanks.
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    Just realized I have the same problem.
    I use spamseive and have not enabled junk in Mail. However some of my mail is being filtered on the web and synced to an out of the way folder inside my .mac folder in mail. I file everything locally so I don't want to go to a second junk folder to check.
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    I am having the same problem. The blue junk mail folder appears on my mac pro and macbook even after I delete it.
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    I'm so glad I have seen this thread here, this has been driving me to distraction.

    I have not used the iPod/iPhone/iPad version, but have been using standard Mail, and a normal MobileMe account (transferred from the old .Mac service) for a few years now. I have just recently noticed this problem happening too.

    I get the blue 'Junk' folder appearing in my list of folders on my MobileMe account, but it's random, as some junk messages still appear in the normal brown junk folder too.
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    I ham having the exact same problem. Please help!
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    I have also been experiencing the redundant junk mail folder issue and have tried everything mentioned in the forums to no avail. Any thoughts or ideas?