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    The issue you're having is the result of a hardware failure, that's why clean installs of the OS, etc. do not resolve the issue. The fix is to replace the logic board. Once that is done, your Mac should work fine with an external display.

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    Yeah, turns out that after my clean install of Lion, things only worked well for about a week.  Took my MacBook Pro to the Genius Bar, along with my monitor, and was able to replicate the issue at the bar.  They ran a hardware test, and discovered that my graphics card was on the fritz.  It's the integrated NVIDIA 320, so that required a logic board replacement.  Got it back, and everything seems right as rain.  Running strong for several days now.




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    i am out of warranty so i will definetly purchase a new computer rather than change the logic board...the thing is that i don't know anymore if it will be a Mac..

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    what if i replace the logic board and Nvidia will crash again when i will install next update? If it will be in will go to be serviced (eventually will stay more there than in my posession), if it will not have warranty , i losed the money...I preffer something that does not broken when installing updates , or turn wifi on/off , or connect a display....Will i buy my next MacBook Pro just because is a beautiful piece of alluminium furniture ? I already have one...

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    for the sake of the cause....2 minutes ago :

       i shut down computer

       connect the display

       start computer

       external display work

       no freeze until now


       i would say that is more an resources management issue than a hardware one. The display doesn't work if connected when the computer is on...just after restart...weard

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    I think I have solved this issue, it seems to do with the Integrated/Discrete graphics modes... See my post:



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    I use slight adoption of your method:


    with the monitor connected:


    shut down computer

    start up computer with a closed lid

    put computer to sleep

    wake computer up

    open lid


    voila, dual screen action with no freezes

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    i have a question...

    when i first started plugging in an external monitor to my macbook pro it worked fine ( i would mirror the screen or use the external as an extension)

    but after a month or so it started freezing when i used it as a extension of my display. however, it doesn't freeze when i set the display settings to mirror

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