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Hey, any happy iPad owners out there that found a way to make the threaded discussion work with the iPad?

Its a great device, just the iPad version of the internet isn't working for some reason.

The problem is that the devryu.net website is explorable but not fully functional. We have threaded discussions and when I try to post the browser won't submit the form post. It doesn't use Flash so I know thats not the issue.

Any ideas why there could be issues with the site and it not posting the forms on the discussions?

(on my PPCG5 it works with safari, so the full version works without a doubt...)

iPad, Other OS
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    Using the regular iPad Safari browser, I can't post to discussions (but can cancel and spell check) or view my gradebook. using Atomic Web Browser (full version, totally worth the .99 cents) and changing the UserAgent to IE7, I can now view the gradebook, but still can't post in discussions.

    I sure hope someone can figure this out, I was really hoping this would work when I bought the iPad. It would make participating in discussions a lot easier w/o having to lug my hot and heavy laptop around with me.
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    I have tried a number of browser and found one that works. What does not work is safari, atomic mercury. What DOES work is iLunarscape. I am thrilled
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    Did more testing. Disappointed. I can edit and post and existing comment. Can't seem to create a new post other then as stated above .. then it stopped working. I have tried every browser I can find on the app store. Very very very frustrating. How can this be allowed to go on for over a year. Someone please help