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Will the iPad recognize and run a *.dmg type of file?

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Reply by Tamara on May 25, 2010 10:14 AM Helpful
No, it won't. Like the iPhone, you cannot download and install things on the iPad except for what is in the App Store.

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    No, it won't. Like the iPhone, you cannot download and install things on the iPad except for what is in the App Store.
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    Thanks Tamara.... and another useful purpose for the iPad bites the dust. It is rapidly becoming the largest paperweight on my desk. So sad!!
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    Why did you buy it then?
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    It seems the iPad is not a good fit for you. Maybe you could sell it. IPads bring a good price on eBay. I'm sure there is someone out there that could get use out of it.
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    The iPad doesn't do much more than the iPod touch or iPhone. If you thought that you could replace your laptop or tablet with the iPad, you're in for a disappointment. The iPad is a cumbersome replacement for the iPod Touch an iPhone. Although Apple has developed many good products, this one was a lazy effort on their part. It is a disappointing product. I am still waiting for an Apple product that can compete with the tablet PC.
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    Both your opinions are duly noted.

    On the other hand, I find the iPad to be a great device that fits my needs very well. It's not a laptop (or a tablet device, which is really just a laptop anyway), and I did not expect it to be. I checked on the iPad and it's capabilities before committing, and I have been very satisfied. If I want full-blown capabilities, I'll use my lappie. If I want content, news, books, email, editing, etc delivered on a lightweight, battery efficient, easily transported package, I use the iPad.

    I watched so many people get on these forums and complain about the iPad not doing everything a laptop/computer can do. Folks, IT WASN'T DESIGNED TO!!!

    Sell your iPad(s), and get a netbook or tablet PC and move on. The iPad obviously doesn't fit you needs the way it fits other's requirements. Perhaps you both should have done a bit more research before buying.

    No intent to flame-bait, but coming on here to complain about a product not fitting your needs just shows that you didn't do a proper check. Submitting Suggestions to Apple for additional capabilities, etc is a different story altogether..

    Putting on flame-resistant clothing anyway
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    That was well said .
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    A Dmg is a package used for wrapping an application and support files into a mountable entity.

    Even if an iPad could mount a dmg, that is worthless. It doesn't do anything except let you see what the contents are.

    Just pretend that '.dmg' spells 'iTunes' and you can package all the apps, music, media and files you want.

    Then when you connect to iTunes, pretend you are double clicking on a mounted dmg......BOOM! that's iPad
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    If the ipad could mount dmg files it would be great. Because you can then use it as a virtual drive to hold allsorts of files and could used it with applications like dropbox. It would be very useful from a secure point because you can have encrypted dmg files....

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    But DMG programs require a totally different operating system, so why put them on the iPad? It's not meant to be a virtual drive

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    Actually iOS itself IS capable of handling DMG files.

    One would need to have to write an app that wraps the hdiutil commands and handle the DMG filesystem.


    Here is a link that provides more information:



    I hope some developer got time to code an app like that.

    Nevertheless iOS can handle DMG formats and theoretically one could code a wraper app.