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How can I transfer my docx. and pdf. files using the newest edition of microsoft office word from my Laptop to the program "pages 09"?

It seems that pages can only import doc. files? To convert my files makes no sense because the whole layout will be messed up.

Hope someone can help me with this, or maybe apple is currently working on that behalf
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    Not sure about Pages and docx files (which I avoid like the plague!). There is an app called Office^2 HD at the app store which may do the trick. Then you need a shared server approach to actually transfer the file (Dropbox, iDisk of MobileMe, etc.).

    Google found a review of it here:


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    Are you sure your posting this in the appropriate forum? you mention "Pages 09", but this is the iPad pages forum. (I know the link above does not say "IPad", but it is).

    If this is on iPad:
    Word doesn't open pdf files, only outputs them. Use Goodreader on the ipad to read any pdfs, or other pdf reader that is free.

    I just tried opening a docx file on my iPad and it opened fine in Pages. Just had to replace a font that wasn't on the iPad that I apparenlty had used on the document.

    If not on iPad:
    Desktop Pages opens docx files fine, it did it before MS published the Mac version that saved as docx.

    PDF's should open in Preview.

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    Thanks guy's you were a help.

    Cheers ronny