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My company is looking at using the iPad as a mobile forms completion device.
Knowing nothing about apple software development are there tools available for connecting to networked Sql Server databases? Are the API's built into the iPad SDK or are they third party tools?

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    There probably is tools and/or API's that can do what you want, but your not gonna have the best luck finding that information here.

    Check the Apple Developer site and forums:
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    The simplest method for connecting to SQL databases over a network is using http.

    Build your forms for a web interface that does server-side translation to simple HTML, and they'll work just fine when accessed with the iPad. For even more security, buy an SSL certificate, and use some form of authentication and https.

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    The simplest methods for achieving that may today be found through a web search on "iPad ODBC SDK".


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    Contact Cygnis Media they will help you out at development end for more you can also post your question at Stack Overflow

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    Kevin, you can't post commercial links like that. The OP asked about SQL database "tools" for iPad. ODBC stands for "Open Database Connectivity", it's an industry standard for connecting devices like iPad to all revisions of all brands of SQL-type databases and SDK stands for Software Development Kit.  Thus, all the OP has to do is web search for "iPad ODBC SDK".



    The "disclaimer" required by paragraph 6 the "Apple Support Communities Terms of Use": “I may receive some form of compensation, financial or otherwise, from my recommendation or link."

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    Yea man i applogies for that but i think it is real not a spam or malware but still sorry for the link