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Am having a persistent wi-fi connection problem with my iPod Touch 1st gen, which I just bought second-hand. Any advice gratefully appreciated, as I have not been able to find a solution on the forums so far.

The iPod detects the signal from my home wi-fi router. When I try to connect, it invariably gives the error message "Unable to join the network [name]". I have 2 laptops and an iPhone running on this network with no problems.

- upgraded to latest version of iTunes
- upgraded to latest version of iPod Touch software
- upgraded to latest version of router firmware
- removed all encryption on wireless signal (no WPA/WEP etc enabled)
- reset wireless settings on iPod
- removed all content from iPod & did a full restore & resync

Please help! Thanks in advance

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    PS: I am using a Netgear ADSL2+ DG834Gv5 router.
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    I am having the EXACT same problem...tried everything you did and still cannot connect!

    I have a 2nd generation IPOD which connects perfectly.
    I tried changing security to WEP on this 1st generation IPOD and still no success.Can it be that the unit has a defective WiFi unit?
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    WEP is actually worse so I would skip that. WPA2 is a far better choice.

    Defective WiFi usually shows up as a grayed out selection choice when you tap Settings > WiFi.

    Normal steps for fixing WiFi connection issues are as follows:

    1. Reboot the router (just unplug the power for a few seconds)
    2. Reset the touch network settings: Tap Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings
    3. After your touch restarts, tap Settings > WiFi > Other and re-enter your network name, security setting, and password.

    Passwords and network names are case sensitive.
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    Tried rebooting the Router, still didnt work...
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    I had the same trouble for about a year. Tried everything. This finally did it-

    manually enter network name, select WEP for security
    enter password once network found

    After this, the network address field was still initially blank, I toggled back and forth, then the address info just appeared, all good after that!

    Everything else was a waste of time
    It may help to clear Safari history and cache first (mine happened to be cleared after the unsuccessful reset}

    Apple called it a hardware issue, and wanted me to send it in. Repair cost was near or more than replacement cost. This all started after 2.2.1 update - my best assumption was that the update over-clocked the wifi, and fried it. That didn't make sense to me, as it could still show the networks.

    Hoe this helps you. The itouch was running 3.1.3 when I tried this last night.

    Hope this helps! Reply back with your success stories!
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    Did you try steps 2 & 3?
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    4. If your router has MAC address filtering enabled, either enter your Touch's address into the router's table (your Touch's MAC address is found at Settings/General/About/Wi-Fi Address) or disable MAC address filtering on your router (offers limited security anyway).
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    I tried all the steps the Apple posted with no success.
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    I actually saw this on someone elses post so I thought it might help you. A guy was having the SAME EXACT issue, and had done most everything you had. He has a NetGear Router as well. Somewhere in the settings you SHOULD be able to adjust your broadcast range. He had his broadcast range alllll the way up. This created "air pockets" where the signal wouldn't reach. This meant he could only pick up internet/hold internet for 10seconds-2minutes. He then put his broadcast range to the lowest possible (which still allowed his laptop to connect to the network). Doing this got rid of the "air pockets" and now his iPod works fine. Try that!! Hopefully it helps!! =) I'm going to investigate my router (not a netgear) and see if that will help my iPod. It's also a 1st generation and I can't connect/can't hold onto WiFi.
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    Am Having the same problem with my 2nd generation ipod touch.... i wont connect to wifi ... wen i try to connect to a wifi network it says unable to join network.. n e 1 knws how to fix this issue .. bad part is iv only had if for a couple of months...
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    If your IP Address starts with 169.x.x.x and you have a 2nd gen or have recently upgrade the firmware to 4.0.x you MUST change the IP address to something that doesn't start wtih 169.x.x.x(like 168.x.x.x. or something else). I have 3 Ipod Touch's 2 have old 3.x firware and work fine with 169.x.x.x after upgrading the firmware on one of them(and several hours of troubleshooting) I change the IP address schema and now the 3rd iPod touch can connect. Apple should give you a warning that you can't use 169.x.x.x schema with firmware 4.0.. It was a nightmare troubleshooting it.
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    I believe that this is a hardware issue. The Wi-Fi shows No Wi-Fi, I cannot change any of my network settings at all, and I have performed a full system reset. This seems to be a hardware problem. Also the battery doesn't stay charged for more then 1 hour. I am dreading going into the Apple store!!