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Can anyone tell me why it is possible to stream contact like tv shows and movies from a synced itunes client but it is not possible to stream photos? I believe this was possible in previous versions of the apple tv OS. I'm not sure I understand the logic here. I sync all of my music and have no room left to sync photos, primarily because I like to be able to listen to music without having the computer running. I will listen to music for hours but only need to view photos, watch movies, etc. occasionally so I stream or would like to stream this content. You need to fix this apple. I'm a dedicated apple user, but you need to throw me a bone here. Thanks.

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    Unfortunately no-one here knows why  do the things they do and one can only give one's opinion.

    Yes you used to be able to stream photos from the primary library but it was rather inconvenient and I suspect the change was made as a result of customer feedback. Also don't forget that photos aren't handled by itunes (unlike everything else), so there will be inherent difficulties in trying the handle the photo content in exactly the same way as all the other content.

    I forget how many photos I have on mine but it runs into 000's and only takes up 5GB, which isn't an abhorrent amount of space especially considering audio content id likely the easiest of all content to stream if it becomes necessary.

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