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I have used Aperture for a long while and bought the upgrade to 2 about a year ago. Never a problem opening it. Thought sure I had saved the serial number somewhere. In trying to go paperless I through the box away ... and I have NEVER been able to get Aperture support from their Pro Dept. since the beginning because I didn't have the box. Now worse I have no license when it came back from Apple for repair ... I talked to an Aperture person at Apple and it was basically "tough - if you don't have the box or order number I can't do anything for you." It seems a bit odd to me that since I ordered it from Apple itself in this day and age that they don't keep any records of purchase. Other software companies do keep records, etc.

Any suggestions? ThanX

MacBook Pro on Tiger, Mac OS X (10.4.11), Aperture 2.1.4