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  • Zachnap Level 1 Level 1
    What are you doing? Make them fix your iMac for free. You had Apple Care and documented the issue before your AppleCare ran out.

    If you don't get your computer fixed, that is your fault for not demanding fair treatment under AC.
  • Gisjames25 Level 1 Level 1
    had the same overheating problem, now the card has gone completely. Took it to apple service centre in bangkok, they said it would be 26000 baht to solve problem. $1,300. Complete new card.

    Apple iMac 20" A1207 Late 2006, 2.16GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, ATI Radeon X1600/256MB VRAM

    annoyed to say the least
  • knorven Level 1 Level 1
    I've called around to various Apple repairers to find someone to reball the GPU to the motherboard but no one will do it because it is not an "Apple authorized repair". In other words, even though they know what could potentially fix the issue they aren't "allowed" to fix it. They can only offer to replace the entire motherboard. I also called a few PC places but no go. Looks like I have to send the motherboard overseas to have it fixed.

    Now, even though this post doesn't breach the board terms of use it probably will soon disappear and now we know why, so make sure y'all keep copies, hear. Merry Christmas everyone - yes, to you mods too, - you can probably leave THAT up anyway ;c)
  • R C-R Level 6 Level 6
    Do you have any idea what "reball the GPU" actually involves? If you find some independent repair place that says they can do it cheaply & safely, ask them what equipment they plan to use & how they plan on protecting the other components during the procedure. More importantly, ask them what kind of warranty they offer on the longevity of the machine afterwards.
  • knorven Level 1 Level 1
    Yes, I know it's a $h1t of a job and requires a lot of special equipment and that long term results can't be guaranteed, but my old iMac is nothing but a paperweight now anyway so what do I have to lose? If someone has all the required equipment and thus the cost is a fraction of that of a new motherboard, I am willing to take the risk. Might as well throw the iMac out otherwise. I refuse to sell it on eBay like some unscrupulous people have done. Couldn't sleep at night if I knew I had screwed someone who may have saved up for months or years to buy a second-hand iMac. So it's fix it or flick it.
  • pbcubed Level 1 Level 1
    R C-R wrote:
    Do you have any idea what "reball the GPU" actually involves?

    Related but certainly not a suggestion, stumbled across this a couple days ago:

    Not news but it seems some very adventurous folks get creative in the kitchen... But since repair feasibility/cost is out of the question, guess they've nothing to loose.
  • celtic125 Level 1 Level 1
    Same problems as outlined. Ser. No. W8646xxxxxx. Bought iMac April 2007. Installed fan control, but problems returned. No solution yet ?.
    Having read most of the posts, have decided to give up on Apple, over to Windows 7 and Dell for me.
  • Texas Guy Level 1 Level 1
    Has anyone actually reballed or reflowed the GPU and confirmed that this is a 100% fix for this. I have all the same symptoms. It is believable that this could resolve the issue but is a big step to take without any hard evidence.

    Thanks to anyone who is willing to share their experience with this.

  • basa71 Level 1 Level 1
    Add me to the list, my serial however does not begin with a W; its CK6352HVVUV a 20" late 2006 iMac 2.16gHz
  • dstar Level 1 Level 1
    Add me.
    My problem is not severe, only occasional horizontal lines, and even rarer boxy gibberish, particularly in the dock.
    However the problem increases exponentially with the use of iPhoto. I get extreme graphic noise, random displacement of whole boxes of graphics and freezes.
  • Deb__ Level 1 Level 1
    I'm so glad this thread exists. I have a mid-2006 20" iMac. Shanghai model (W8). It's been giving me problems for 2.5 years at least. Over the last two years I've had two new hard drives, a new logic board and numerous other 'repairs' I can hardly remember. Horizontal lines, the dreaded spinning ball, numerous crashes etc. etc. It got worse and worse and now it will start in safe mode but not in regular mode but I can't access the internet in safe mode.

    I contacted Apple a few months ago because I found a thread similar to this. I told them I had done research and I knew that there's a problem with 2006 iMacs freezing. They said that if I could get a case ID of a previous repair on my exact model they would fix it free of charge. I could only find case IDs of 17" models, not 20" like mine. Then I left it be, coped with the regular crashes but now it's next to useless. I'm going mad from it. I'm in Ireland by the way.
  • Deb__ Level 1 Level 1
    Just to add to my post above. Look when I joined - 2 months before I bought this turkey. Back when I was so excited. Oh how you mock me Apple.....
  • Gerald* Level 1 Level 1
    Hi all

    Great job on the thread - and congratulations on those who have tried their best at solving this dilemma - although it remains unresolved!

    I experience the same issues with my 20" iMac, Serial = W8615. I run a facebook page that tracks and discusses this issue (ATI X1600 GPU/Late 2006 iMac), also in the hopes of getting everyone affected by this to join the page and sign a recall petition set up at

    Visit ssue/200671903292992 and Like the page to follow and add your vote.
  • DonnieY Level 1 Level 1
    Add me to the list iMac 24" always get graphical glitches with any CPU intensive tasks. Running 10.6.6 Serial: W8641XXXXXXX. Had 3 years Applecare issue began after this had ran out, currently running smcFanControl as a temporary solution. Settings have to always be on max and even on max just while writing this thread temp is sitting at 35oC. Apps open : Safari, Mail,iTunes.
    During Applecare the following has been done:- Hard Drive replaced, Screen replaced, Case replaced.
  • zenboy13 Level 1 Level 1
    I have a 2006 Imac that has that MXM connector for the graphics card. Ordered up a new 7600GT graphics card and installed myself (took 3 hours) but was lucky I didn't have to re-solder the new one on. That was last November. Installed SMC fan control and beefed the fans up a bit.Now I'm hearing these beeps from inside the computer and having crashes (Same thing it was doing before). It's only been 4 months with a new graphics card and it's showing signs of tanking again. TechTool Deluxe says bad vram again... kind of disappointed, thought I solved the problem.

    Glad I didn't dump a grand into it by taking it to apple. Thinking maybe a tower (powermac) or something in the future to be able to easily swap out components might not be a bad idea. maybe the cooling systems is better on those?
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