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    anneb63 wrote:
    I am flabbergasted! The appstore account is connected to a creditcard and email address. You can reset the appstore password by email that you cannot logout from. So if logout is not possible, any ipad user can gain access to the appstore and start using the creditcard!? Would it not be extremely easy to have an option that users should type a password before opening mail? Please add this feature at the next update... Or I am missing something?

    Several things . . .

    1) You cannot reset the app store password by email. In Settings, you must provide your Apple ID and password to make changes and those aren't viewable elsewhere in Settings.
    2) the iPad is designed and meant to be single-user. In mine, at least, which I never leave lying around for use by people I don't know and trust, the phrase " ... anyone using the iPad..." has a very limited meaning. If you are in the habit of leaving it lying about but don't want people nosing about in it, set a Passcode and lock it on leaving.
    3) Anyone who picks it up can access the App Store but, absent also possessing your password, is almost certainly going to be unable to make any purchases. In addition, you can restrict the purchasing or deleting of apps through Settings.
    4) Those using my iPad to check their mail are always doing it in Safari, not in Mail. And again, if I thought they were the type to go sneaking about then they wouldn't be doing it without supervision to begin with.
    5) I see nothing really wrong with adding an option to lock Mail in some way via Settings > Restrictions. People would be free to use that, aware that if they should lock it down and then forget the number then they'd get no further access until they next hooked up to iTunes and underwent a total Restore.
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    Good Question!
    First expedities I had with the iPad was on an airport. Tried to see my mails. That worked wonderfully. But deleting all from the iPad in the tax free shop was not. I nearly missed my flight.
    The way do this is go to your setting, then to tab "mail, contacts etc" and choose the account in the top. Then delete the account and choose delete all data from your device. If you have switched your "restrictions" on, then first go to the general tab and type your pass code to allow you to make account changes, then go back to the mail tab etc.
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    Most people here must really live alone when offering indignant replies that someone would actually let others use their iPad. I am married with 3 kids and we have one iPad. We have to ..... 'share' ...! We each have our own email accounts and thought we could sign in from 'mail' and not

    So there is really no way to logout from mail? I activated it with my email address, so my wife and kids can read and send email from my account? I think the competitors don't have these kind of shortcomings and lapse of security issues!

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    Android devices work much the same way. In fact, in order to remove the main Gmail account from an Android device, you have to factory reset it. So, like Apple, it appears that other manufacturers also view tablets as single user devices.


    Submit your feedback to Apple here:


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    My perception was that apple was a user friendly trend setter, not an android copy. They charge way more and represent themselves as superior, so they should be different... And better.

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    Actually, iPad pricing is fairly competitive. And, I agree, they are much netter than other tablets.

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    A thousand per unit which I paid is not really and so far all the sites I looked at with videos...many don't play...flash...and all the things like not being able to logout of mail lead me after only a few days of ownership to question the validity of that statement vs propaganda.

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    Don't get me wrong, I have a MacBook Pro, an iTouch, and now an iPad...I just wish apple would work more on the comparability issues with safari and little things like a logout on mail. Most families cannot afford for each member to have their own iPad...nor should they need to. That would be wasteful.

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    The only way that I know how to log out of yahoo email completely is to go to your iPad settings, then Safari and clear the cookies, cache and history, then next time you try and open your yahoo, you have to sign in again. It's a bit of a pain to remember to do this all the time, but it's either that or stay logged in for anyone else who uses your iPad to see.

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    Hi . I jus had a problem with it too .

    You can't logout , but u can disable it. Go to :

    1.SETTINGS .


    3. Click on yahoo (or whatever email you have) at the top

    4. Then turn 'MAIL' off .

    -your welcome :)

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    Clearly the ability to logout and force re-authentication independent of the entire system is needed for email. This is well known security practice regardless of the number of users of any system. This is an ipd security risk that should be, and can be, easily reduced. It needs fixed.

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    If you're concerned, use your email's web-based access. Then, you can easily log out when you are done, clear browser history and caches and feel secure.


    If you want to let Apple know about features you'd like to see added, use the appropriate link on the Feedback page:



    By the way, this thread has been dormant for about 6 months. I suspect most of the original participants have long since moved on.


    Best of luck

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    You can sign out of Yahoo Email.  Go to the bottom left corner, you will see a 'person' icon and your name, click on that and you get the 'sign out' option.

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    Thank you, but I don't use Yahoo. And, yes, it's the same advice I just gave to the previous poster. However, the original thrust of the thread is that you can't log out of the built in Mail app.


    Best of luck.

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    Thanks but I am not concerned. Regardless if folks have 'moved on' (geeze...) the security risk exists on the Ipad and needs fixed.