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  • Snowleo Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    Same here! 64 GB wifi-only ipad 3.2.1 and since day 1 ive been getting random reboots in settings or the app store... mostly in apples apps though surprisingly. Because when its not an apple app itll usually just crash because the ipads crappy 256mbs of ram cant handle the amazing ipad games. WHY DOES THE IPAD NOT HAVE 512mbs OF RAM?
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    I've had the same problem, and it just cropped up. Had the problem on the iPhone 3G, too. Incredibly frustrating.

    It seems to be a problem with Exchange, which I use. If I turn off Contacts and Calendars on that account, it seems to behave better. Hoping this clears up with the iOS4 for iPad. Big drag not to be able to use my essential info.
  • TinyTunerz Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    I recently began experiencing the chronic iPad restart scenario.

    Couple Observations:
    Deleting the Exchange account from my iPad, hard reseting the iPad, then re-add the Exchange account appears to have fixed the problem.

    Interestingly, my iPhone 3GS recently experienced the fast battery drain and over-heat symptom at about the same time as my iPad issues.

    Both seem to be related to the Exchange account.

    Appears like some sort of thread to the Exchange server gets hung or stuck in a cycle. Removing the Exchange account and re-adding it after a device reset seems to work.
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    Yep I also have this problem too & sometime can't turn it off (will turn on again itself) ipad is 64gb 3Gwi-fi!Some time will foce quit to HOME screen when is browsing photo & email of them ??About 10/1 times the iOS3 problem or my ipad's hardware problem ? make me confused ,i usually use it for dialy work !!!
    anyone got APPLE's reply of this issue ?
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    So deleting my exchange account and adding it back in appears to have fixed the continuously resetting iPad for me.

    BUT... now my exchange calendar has disappeared. Calendar is enabled in the account settings and appointments occasionally reappear in my calendar, only to disappear again. I'm now noticing the same behavior on my iPhone which seemed to be fine before. The desktop connected to Exchange seems fine, all appointments intact. The spinning wheel indicating activity on the iPad has not stopped spinning while in calendar, but the appointments just appear and disappear.
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    I found a solution guys :
    1. restore to factory mode by erasing all data and setting
    2. Connect to iTunes in your pc
    3. Download the latest iPad os available
    4. Install

    And everything will back to normal.
    Try it it works. Regards
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    Hi Everyone,

    Looks like I'm having the same issue. My Ipad reboots about every 3-5 minutes it seems. This just randomly started after owning it for 3 months. I tried resetting the settings on it however, that did not work. I may try deleting everything and re-installing to see if that works. Does anyone what steps I need to take to back up all my files before doing this so I don's lose all my apps? Also, is there any other way(s) to fix this issue?
  • Linnnnn Level 1 Level 1 (130 points)
    What are you doing/which apps are you in when this occurs? Maybe we can figure this out before you have to do reinstall.
    To do a backup all you have to do is plug the pad into desktop/itunes & by default a backup occurs. If you'd like to do it manually, plug it in, and in itunes find the pad on the left side, right click on the name and select backup ( I'm writing this from memory, hopefully I'm right). Then you can just select Restore option in the main window after the backup. Once restore is done, you can do Restore from Backup.
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    When I upgraded mine ta 4.2.1, mine started to given me the same problem. When operting for about 4 minutes it simply reboots. I stpped the push notification without succeeding.
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    I too have a problem with my apps shutting down while I am the middle of reading an article or using an app. When it shuts down it just goes to the main icon screen and I can go right back into the app so ipad isn't shutting down. I performed a reboot and so far hasn't occurred again but haven't used much yet.
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    its not the ipsw (software)its faulty soldering on the bord an it can be fixed!!

    hi guys i came to this forum looking for some hellp on the iPad restarting itself every 2 to 3 minutes business about a weak ago, i looked everywhere and nothing! not even apple wanted to help an as the iPad was out of warranty an prity much unusable so
    i managed to fix it but its not easy it involves taking out the funny little motherboard and heating just the center of it up to about 120C to melt the solder back in to place. if your interested and think it would help you i could make a youtube video to show you how to do this fix
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    Same issue here but only in standby ... Its perfect when I'm using it but when I lock it ( standby ) it's fine for a while sometimes 5 min, sometimes 2 hrs and then just randomly reboots and it takes around 6 min to get to the lock screen. I have reset everything, restored, updated two os versions and even JB but no avail so i dont think its a setting issue ..... Any thoughts?
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    I'm having this same issue.

    unboxed a refurbished ipad, and even before setting it up for the first time using itunes, it already had this rebooting problem. it shows a black background with the apple logo.


    i later tried to restore, but to no avail.


    even on standby mode, it restarts. what can i do?

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    Just bought refurb 16G myself. Arrived yesterday. No problems last night and was really pleased. Different story today, same issue unit will not stop turning itself on and off, randomly between 02 seconds to a minute. I've now read a number of threads on this, appears that lucky ones are hitting solution by chance. No wonder Apple won't own up. if I'd read all this before I may not have gone ahead.

    On the phone first thing tomorrow, insisting on replacement it's a lot of money spent to be having to try this reset that reset, etc. Apple need to earn thier money.

  • Eric Westby Level 4 Level 4 (1,800 points)

    Just return it. It's a hardware problem. Same thing happened to my original iPhone 4, even with just the stock apps and none of my own data. Apple swiftly replaced it.


    If you're taking it into an Apple Store, it would help to have a video of the problem so you can prove it really happens. Otherwise you're at the mercy of whether it happens to occur while you're standing there in the store.