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How do I move books from my Sony reader Library to iBooks? I can't seem to drag them.

Acer, Windows Vista
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    If you bought your Sony books from the Sony store, they have DRM (digital rights management) and won't work with iBooks.
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    Titles will have to be in ePub format on the Sony in order to get them onto the iPad and into the iBook application. Also, they would need to be DRM free, so not sourced from the Sony eReader store.

    When you have located the actual book files, open iTunes and click on the iBook folder in the source list on e left. Drag the ePub titles into iTunes. If they don't go, then they're not ePub files, or they are DRM protected.

    Once you have titles in iTunes, connect the iPad, and drag titles from iTunes to the iPad icon in the source list on the left.
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    Thanks. They just won't be dragged. Some books I bought from Kobo, but they won't go either. Guess I will just have to finish what I have on my Sony and then start new.
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    While it doesn't entirely help, I have found my Sony reader to be a better platform for ebooks overall - due in no small part to the significantly better battery life, and compatibility with a number of different file formats.

    I use the iPad only when I don't have the eReader with me, and many of the ePub files I have on it are from text files, converted in Calibre or Stanza.

    You can check that your iTunes/iPad are behaving correctly by finding an ePud download of a non-copyright text (Alice in Wonderland, Mark Twain novels and the like) and making sure that these copy into iTunes and en to the iPad correctly.
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    Hey there,

    I found http://calibre-ebook.com/download to be very useful. It will convert pretty much anything to the required ePUB format. I'm not sure how it goes with Sony's certificate stuff but I wouldnt be surprised if it converts them fine

    Simply download the program, convert the files in question and import into iTunes and sync!

    Hope this helps
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    I had a lot of epub files that were drm-free (classics) and while they loaded into iTunes they would not sync with the iPad.  I spent hours trying figure it out before I randomly right-clicked one of the files and hit "Get Info" on drop-down.  Then I noticed the main status screen at the top of iTunes "Processing Album Artwork".  Low and behold...Once I closed the 'Info' window I was finally able to drag it over to the iPad.  I had to march through 167 books repeating that tedious trick and all of them were finally synced.  It's certainly an odd thing to make it all work but it did.  I hope this helps someone.

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    I did this and it worked I don't know why, but it did. Thank you for your post.