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I´m having a hard time getting a good quality on the exported movies (using QTM). I´ve tried lots of combinations of Easy setups and export settings, but the result is still a bad quality. I´ve tried to find the answer by reading forums etc., but still, after lots of hours I haven´t found the answer....

The best result so far is by using iMovie and importing the video "Large" (960x540) and not "Full". In this case the quality on the exported video (using Quick time movie) is good, but it´s still far from HD quality.

I found this thread on the Apple forum:

"The issue is that with the Canon Legria HF20 and HF200, iMovie incorrectly flags 50i content as progressive and 25p content as interlaced. This issue is discussed in detail in the following thread":

Does this mean that it is impossible to make a movie with a good HD quality with the combination iMovie/FCE (I´ve tried both) and Canon Legria HF200?

If not, what kind of settings should I use to get the best result?

Mac OS X (10.6.3)
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