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Hi guys

I love the fact that you can create you own ipod playlists on the iPad but my problem is after spending so much time creating my playlist then if I need to sync with iTunes my playlist will be deleted after I sync. I have iTunes set for to manually sync and this happens every time. Is there a setting I dont know about or is this something I have to deal with?


09 Macbook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.3)
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    Exact same thing happening to me. And to another person - look at the "vanishing playlist" thread. I guess now we wait...?
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    Okay so I just spent about half an hour on the phone with an expert (thanks for the contact suggestions) and we developed a workaround that will not only stop the problem, but will make your old playlists that ate themselves magically reappear! Weird, right? He thought so too, so he had me try a bunch of stuff and he's sending a report to the engineers so they can figure out why it was happening in the first place. But for now here's what you do:

    Connect your iPad to your computer.
    Set iPad to "Sync music" (instead of manually managing).
    Select just a few artists to have sync so that it doesn't take a lot of time, because you'll be putting it back on manually manage shortly, so it doesn't matter what music you choose.
    Click "Apply."
    All the playlists that we thought were forever gone will both show up on the iPad and sync back to your computer.
    Now you can choose "manually manage" again and the problem should be solved - sort of. When you create a playlist on your iPad now under manually manage, the playlist won't eat itself like it used to, but it won't sync back to the computer either. He told me that that part of it sort of makes sense because nothing syncs under manually manage, but the deleting itself thing definitely didn't, and neither did the way the deleted ones reappeared again. So he's sending the report to the engineers and will let me know back soon.
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    Great feedback. Thanks.
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    No problem.
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    I'm a bit confused by this, i don't have manually manage music and videos checked, as i let all my music sync to my ipad, but my playlists are still disappearing:( what should i do?
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    Yup, me too - auto sync everything. My playlists don't disappear per se. I can get playlists that I created new on the ipad to transfer back to itunes; but when I edit playlists on ipad, they won't transfer. What's up?
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    +1 me too

    any idea ??

    it happens to me not only with iPhone4 (iOS 4.2.1) but also with my iPad -- maybe a problem / bug with iTunes 10.1.1 ????? (it worked perfectly before)

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    Same problem here - did work before I updated to iOS4.2 on my iPad. Must be a bug - will report http://www.apple.com/feedback/ipad.html .
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    Ever since I've gotten my iPad 2 and try to make a playlist, half of the songs that I select to go onto the playlist will disappear and will even continue to delete themselves after I save it and start to play them. I am assuming it is a bug?

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    Since this post started Apple has had over a year to fix the problem. This is one more punishment for buying Apple. If you're not careful Apple will control when you get to go to the bathroom.

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    OH MY THIS WORKS!!!!!!!!!!  After 6 weeks of crying and moaning and complaining!!!  YOU ARE AMAZING for sharing this info!!!!!!  But I did change it back to manual afterwards...is that correct???

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    If anyone like me is still looking for a resolution to this playlist syncing issue, make sure you have iTunes 10.3.6 (25) and try re-synching and restarting your iPad.


    I first tried the "sync music" option mentioned above in this post by changing to "Sync Entire Music Library", but I didn't have enough space on my iPad.  When I located this other post, it mentions 10.3.6 fixing this "bug".


    I've had this version of iTunes now for a while, but learned that I needed to resync and restart my iPad (which I apparently haven't done in a while!)  Here's the post that helped me: https://discussions.apple.com/message/18851864#18851864