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Hi. We just purchased two IMac 27 inch's and a time capsule. Just recently, the time capsule started to blink amber, and after further inquiry, I discovered that the disk storage space was low because of all the backups the time capsule was making. I then clicked onto the time machine icon, accessed the time capsule memory, and deleted over 800 Gigs of backups. The time capsule we own has 1 TB of memory space. Although the files I deleted do not show up anymore, the Time Capsule still believes that the storage space is low, and the amber light keeps blinking. How can I resolve this issue? I want to be able to (a) make the time capsule read that I did, in fact, delete the files, (b) resume backing up all of my Imacs information, and (c) prevent this issue from ever happening again. I was under the impression that Time Capsule automatically replaced your old backup with a new one, but apparently it does not, at least in my case. If anyone can direct me to a support website, or tell me step by step of how to resolve this issue, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

IMac 27 Inch, Mac OS X (10.6.3), Time Capsule Blinking Amber
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    Welcome to the discussions!

    You must have missed Pondini's excellent USING TIME MACHINE with TIME CAPSULE Capsule guide at the top of the Time Capsule main forum page.

    This link from the guide may do just what you want and also furnish a good explanation of the particular behavior of sparsebundle files.


    As for the flashing amber light, open AirPort Utility and click Manual Setup.
    Click on the word "Status" and a window will open to explain why the light is blinking. It may be a notification that the Time Capsule is running low on space or that it has begun to delete the oldest backups to make room for new backups.

    You may have selected this option in System Preferences > Time Machine Preferences > Options, so the Time Capsule may simply be doing exactly what you instructed it to do.

    If you leave Time Machine alone, it will automatically delete the oldest backup files to make room for new backups. Keep Pondini's guide handy. It's the best thing available from any source for all things Time Capsule and Time Machine.
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    O.K. Thanks for the quick reply! Now there is another problem, however. I tried to drag my Sparse Bundle to the Terminal application, just like the instructions said, and it says that the sparse bundle cannot be found. How do I resolve this issue now? Thanks
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    Are you saying that you cannot find the sparsebundle file?

    Open Macintosh HD
    Under the SHARED heading on the left side of the window, your Time Capsule icon should appear
    Click the Time Capsule icon and a folder will appear to the right
    Double click the folder

    You should see a xxxxx.sparsebundle file for each of the computers that are backing up

    Select the xxxxx.sparsebundle file that you need to compact and drag it to the Terminal window per Pondini's instructions.
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    Yes, I can find the sparsebundle but when I try to drag it over to theTerminal Application, or try to access it by double clicking on it, a error message pops up and says "Resource Temporarily Unavailable." I have two different Sparsebundles from two different computers, and one allows me to access it, however the second says "Resource Temporarily Unavailable." Do you know how to resolve this?
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    If you haven't already done so, I would try power cycling the network to see if that will straighten things out.

    Power everything down, order is not important.
    Start the modem first and let it run a few moments
    Then start the Time Capsule the same way
    Then start your other devices and computers the same way

    I have two computers backing up to a Time Capsule and have played with a number of settings, but can't duplicate the "Resource Temporarily Unavailable" message.

    Suggest that you may want to re-post with the error message in the title for more views on that particular subject.
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    If you Google "Time Capsule Resource Temporarily Unavailable", it appears that you may have a corrupted sparsebundle file. Follow Pondini's instructions in his guide to try to repair the corrupted sparsebundle file.
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    Yes thankyou! Everything has been resolved!