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I've always wanted apple to implement batch export of multiple audio files from logic using markers as delimiters. So you can mix a concert and export it in one go without having to hang around and re-start bouncing for each track.

Now you can do this (albeit in a two step process) using Logic 9.1 and the free and wonderful XLD!

Just place markers in your project and bounce as AIFF (this is the only format that seems to work with this, so you are out of luck if your bounce file is going to be larger than 2GB). I suggest placing a marker at the very beginning of the project too so you first file is not called "Timestamp_0" or some such thing. You can even name the markers with the name you want each file to have, though keep in mind files will sort alphabetically of course once they are split if you have a specific order - so maybe preface them with 01, 02, 03, etc etc.

OK - now go get XLD (the GUI version):


download, install and run it. No window will appear at first. Open the preferences and choose your desired output format and options, directory, etc

drop the AIFF file onto XLD (I've put XLD into my Finder window toolbar for easy access). When it asks you to open the embedded cue sheet, say "OK" and your markers should appear as a list of CD tracks that you can play double click to play with a player interface and preview.

Then press "Decode" and voila! All your markers as separate audio files with the marker name, in whatever format (including the multiple formats option) you set XLD for.

You can even edit metadata at this stage (but first consider whether your output format supports it)

Some of the formats XLD can produce are
Apple Lossless (saves some space!)
etc etc

Personally I think this is an absolutely fantastic trick and am happy to have discovered it. Hope it helps you too.

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  • Ed Egned Level 1 (55 points)
    Why not just save regions as new audio files inside Logic ?
  • Arvid Tomayko-Peters1 Level 1 (50 points)
    That does not write the result of plugins or automation on the tracks, nor mix them down. What this trick achieves is batch bouncing - for a recording of a whole 1 hour performance that you want to mix down to individual tunes, for example.

    Sure you could bounce as one file, then bring it back into logic and cut it up and save regions, but that is extra work I think.
  • Arvid Tomayko-Peters1 Level 1 (50 points)
    Also, if you have gaps in the original session, put a marker at the end of the previous section and call it something like "end". Then you can uncheck all the "end" 'tracks' in the cue sheet and they wont be exported in XLD.

    Oh and it also seems XLD will preface your marker delimited files with their 'CD track' number. Useful to keep them in order, but they will probably want to be changed if you have gaps you took out with extra "end" markers.