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Rick Eames Level 1 Level 1
I am currently on a great signal, and I'm trying to download a movie rental to my iPad from iTunes and it is SO SLOW. It's estimating something like 108 mins to finish, which is just awful. The downloads I have done on my desktop are not this slow, so what is the deal with doing it directly on the iPad?

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  • necronym Level 4 Level 4
    There are a number of factors which can effect the speed of downloads.

    Server congestion (the iTunes server may be very busy at the moment), ISP may have throttled the bandwidth back if you're trying to download at a peak time (as specified by your ISP), available system resources (CPU speed, available RAM, write speed of storage media to name but a few). Size of file being downloaded is also a major factor (smaller files will obviously download faster than larger files - all things being equal).

    The iPad doesn't have the available resources of a desktop computer and so will process the data being downloaded slower than your desktop, this in all likelihood will have an effect on the write speed to the internal memory.

    I haven't downloaded a movie to iPad yet, but will do in the near future, I know when downloading to my AppleTV, HD movies take forever, which is why I download onto my desktop, then sync it to my Apple TV. Both desktop and AppleTV are connected via Ethernet to a reliable 20Mbps service.

    Just set your iPad downloading, run a nice hot bath, have a good long relaxing soak and when you're done, your movie will be waiting on your iPad for you to view.
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    I'm experiencing the same thing, and apparently so are a lot of other people. The first time I downloaded a movie it only took 10 minutes. Now it says about 4000:31 remaining. It's taken me 3 days now to just download 2 GB. It's ridiculous. And I've tried different places to download it, so it has nothing to do with my ISP.