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I recently purchased a 160GB iPod Classic to replace my 5th Gen iPod Video (80GB). I transfered all my music to the Classic and I thought all was well until this morning when I found that some songs will not play on the the iPod Classic. They will play in iTunes, play on the 5th Gen iPod but will not play at all on the Classic.

I have tried these things:

1) Delete the songs from iTunes and re-add them. I then synced the Classic. Still would not play.
2) Deleted the songs from iTunes, synced the Classic. Re-added the songs and then synced the Classic again. Again would not play.

I am not sure what to try next. Ideas?

iPhone 3GS 16GB v3.1.3, iPod Classic 160GB v2.04, MacBook Pro OSX 10.6.3, iPad v, Windows 7
  • Axel Foley Level 5 (4,005 points)
    Is it possible that the songs that are not being played on your new iPod Classic are songs that were previously purchased from the iTunes store? If yes then take a look at this support article by Apple by clicking [HERE|http://support.apple.com/kb/TS1510].

    Axel F.
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    *Skipping songs*
    The iPod seems to fail to play all of the occasional track that iTunes, and indeed other PMPs, are happy to play. There is probably some minor technical error in the internal structure of the file which is normally ignored by other playback software but causes the Classic to bail out.

    You may like to try scanning the files with MP3 Validator which can find & fix some internal MP3 errors.

    Some users have also suggested that completely removing all id3 tags and then replacing the information can be a solution. This can be achieved in iTunes by selecting an affected track, right/option clicking and using the option Convert id3 tags > None. Since some files may mistakenly have more than one tag you may need to repeat this action. Once you have confirmed that no tag is present you can replace the tag information using Convert id3 tags > V2.3 (I believe it is recommended to avoid using V2.4).

    Personally I've have found files for which these solutions don't work. In this case the workaround is either to re-rip the tracks or get iTunes to re-encode the file, e.g. convert AAC to MP3 or vice versa and sync the newly encoded file to the iPod instead. Because transcoding will cause a loss of fidelity you should keep your original file so that if a future iPod firmware resolves this issue you can put your original files back onto the iPod.

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    Thanks for both answers.

    The songs were not purchased from the iTunes store, I purchased the physical CD and ripped them to my computer threw a third party program.

    I ran the MP3 Validator and although it took a very long time to work it's way through my library it did work. It seems that it found errors in a lot of files. Even ones that were playing on the Classic. It all works and I am once again happy.