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    Just thought I'd throw this in from today's Wall Street Journal. It doesn't help with wi-fi only, but if you have a device connected to a carrier (meaning 3G at this point), they're working on a database to prevent stolen devices from being re-activated by someone else. It's not perfect, but it could help decrease the number of thefts of these types of devices.


  • Ren84 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    My ipad2 got lost in newyorm and i live in las vegas, even with me tracking it.  What can I a actually do?  It's not giving me any address or phone number, just a blue dot in a screen

  • Chris CA Level 9 Level 9 (78,015 points)

    The blue dot is on a map.

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    I saw that but how will I know it's the right location? Or someone is just using someone else's wifi?  I tried to call las Vegas police but they said they can't do anything because in not giving them a accurate address....  After an hour that blue dot vanished, does that mean my iPad got erased? Because I got a passcode in it... They could still erased my data?

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    You need to file a police report.



    Ren84 wrote:


    I saw that but how will I know it's the right location? Or someone is just using someone else's wifi?

    It has to be using someone else's wifi unless they are sitting in yoru driveway, right?


    Yes they can easily erase the data by restoring the iPad. Then it will not show up anymore (and it is gone).

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    These links may be helpful.


    How to Track and Report Stolen iPad


    Reporting a lost or stolen Apple product


    Report Stolen iPad Tips and iPad Theft Prevention


    How to Find a Stolen iPad


    Oops! iForgot My New iPad On the Plane; Now What?


     Cheers, Tom

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    with all these theft and stuff... is apple ever going to do something? i know for a fact each gps module built in their ipad, they assign a unique code which is associatted to the serial number or imei number. i was robbed of my hand bag containing my ipad, passport amongst other stuff. i went to an apple store to help me locate my ipad so i can get my passport, they said there is nothing apple can do. now i am stuck in a foriegn country without a passport. if any onw in apple ever reads these, i am pleading with them to help

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    Just because a product has GPS features, does not mean it was put in the product for that purpose. Yes the Apple devices do use gps, but not in the way you think it should. APPLE is not a tracking company, it is not an investigation company. GPS was not put in the products to track them when lost of stolen. thats what you contact the cops form

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    Sorry for your loss, I know I wouldnt be able to last a day without my ipad, I dont know if you will get it back but theres proberly a chance, demand you look at the CCTV closest to your car (If there was one) but if you get it back, get the app ' find my iphone' yes, it does say phone but its compatible with iphone, ipad and ipods, you also would need to download it on to another apple device and link up the accounts you would have to make then incase this happens again you should find it straight away, this app is made for things like this and misplacement etc hope this helped.                        



    Brad Beck.

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