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Just wondering if anybody else has run into this problem.

I set up my O2 cellular account without issue and opted for the daily option (£2 per day for 500MB allowance and unlimited Wi-Fi hotspots, non recurring). I bought my one day allowance which is meant to run for 24 hrs, however, having purchased the allowance at @ 16.30, and using the 3G network happily for a few hours (I used all of 49.3MBs) I went to bed.

Next morning I went to my iPad and tried to access the web over 3G only to have a warning box tell me I had no available allowance left. Helpfully, the box asked me if I wanted to buy more now or later.

Now, here's the thing, I still had 450MBs of allowance left over from my first purchase (I was still within my 24 hrs) but O2 's system had apparently erased my allowance entitlement.

I contacted O2 customer services, who as usual were very helpful, and they reactivated my remaining balance, unfortunately, I am still getting the warning box saying I have no allowance left etc.

I contacted O2 again, who have now created a case and are looking into it.

If anyone else has experienced this please contact O2, or if anybody has found a work around for this please let me know.

I was told if I buy more allowance it wouldn't make any difference as, according to O2, the iPad looks like it's limiting the allowance entitlement between midnight to midnight (and O2's system is removing the allowances accordingly from users accounts), and not 24 hrs from when the allowance was actually purchased (so if you bought 24hrs at say 23.56, you'd only have 4 minutes use before you lost your allowance and not the 24 hrs you'd paid for).

It's a bit annoying really, but otherwise, I absolutely love my iPadding (that's a new verb- I've patented it, but anyone can use it free of charge for ever! lol)

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    This is very interesting.

    Many of us on other fora are having similar issues with iPhone data usage i.e. phantom large drains of data when the phone was not knowingly used for data.

    Some have been fobbed off by O2 saying it it an Apple/iPhone issue.

    The fact that you are having this same issue on an iPad makes me pretty sure that this is an O2 glitch.

    Still trying to find a solution though.

    If you have any joy...do tell ?