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i can't see the rented movies in ipad after i sync it with my computer and before i use the rental. does anyone know how to get my rentals to my ipad from itunes on my computer?

ipad, Windows 7
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    In iTunes, did you select from the movies category after connecting your iPad? Make sure you get the check mark in the top box from the movies category. It will give you the option to sync all with the box below that. Hope that makes sense.
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    Rental movies don't sync like purchased movies. They transfer.

    Look at this article: http://www.ilounge.com/index.php/articles/comments/the-complete-guide-to-itunes- movie-rentals-part-1

    Scroll down to the section titled: Transferring Movies Between Devices
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    I ama totally new to all of this. We are taking a trip abroad so I went to Itunes, downloaded movies on to my new ipad from my computer, now I have no idea how to find them on my ipad. Sorry this is so elementary but I just can't figure it out. I have also heard of stories that once you have rented a movie they can't seem to get it to download once they are on the plane! HELP! I need the basics. Thank you very much.
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    Have you looked in the Videos and iPod apps ?
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    Transfer rented movies from iTunes:
    • Open the movies pane in iTunes, at the top you will see transfer rented movies. To transfer a rented movie you must have an Internet connection.
    • With the "move" arrow you can transfer the movie, then click the apply button.
    • Rented movies can not exist on more than one device at a time.

    "View a rented movie: Choose Videos, tap the Movies category, then tap the movie you want to watch. Select a chapter, or just tap the play button."
    iPad User Guide, page 59

    enjoy your magic machine
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    I have followed all the steps to transfer my rented movie (not in HD) to my iPad2.  In itunes, I have "moved" the movie over to my iPad and the bar at the bottom of itunes moved to show a larger amount of space used for video.  But I still cannot find the movie on my iPad! 


    This is the second time it has happened to me.  The first time was a few months ago and I did an ichat with Apple help... they had no answer for me, but refunded the movie rental fee.  I recently upgraded the operating system on my iMac to Snow Leopard, thinking that might be the problem.  But here I am again.


    I also tried rebooting my iPad and doing a search on my iPad for the movie... both did not help.


    You mention above "choose Videos, tap the Movies category..."  when I open Videos on my iPad I do not see a place to tap for the Movies category. Can you tell me where it is?





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    the article doesn't say how to find the movie on an iPad.


    when I expand my iPad under Devices in itunes, it lists the rented movie under Rentals.  But I still can't find it on my iPad.

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    I just did this for the first time. Rented movie on iTunes, opened iTunes and found it under rentals, clicked on the video image and dragged it to my iPad 2 (it transfered via Synch), once completed I opened my iPad and clicked iPod. I could not find it. Then I clicked on Videos and my rental appeared. I don't have any other videos on my iPad but it was very easy. So, steps:


    • Rent on iTunes on your computer
    • Click Rentals in iTunes on your computer and see the movie you rented
    • Click on cover art and drag to device
    • Wait for synch to complete
    • Once synch completes open iPad and go to Videos
    • Rentals should show up and clicking on the cover art launches the movie description and a play button.


    Worked great for me. Hope it works for you all.



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    This worked like a charm!



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    This did NOT work for me.  I have tried dragging it and moving it.  It syncs between my MacBook and the IPad, but does not show up on the iPad no matter what I do.  I see it in i-Tunes as being on the iPad.  Bummer, as I just wanted to download a new flick to take on a long flight tomorrow. 

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    Did you look under videos on the iPad? The synche movie is sent to Videos NOT iTunes on your iPad. 

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    I rented a movie on iTunes and it shows up on my laptop in rentals when I connect my iPad to sync and I look under movies in my iPad, there isn't any movies under "rental" to move over and sync. I watched a tutorial but I don't have the any rental movie on my iPad when connected to the laptop, yet I can see the movie under rentals on my laptop. I am confused.

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    Don't forget to click on Apply in the lower right corner of the window after you click on move - otherwise the movie doesn't actually get transferred.  I just did it (don't do it a lot so always forget) and it worked fine, but not till I clicked on Apply. 

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    There is no longer a move button!