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into imovie, but it is not hightlighted so it won;t come over? is this not a supported mode? can I convert? thanks in advance. pete

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    Mpeg1 & 2 are not supported, you could use mpegstreamclip to convert the file to AIC, if it's mpeg 2, you'll also require the Quicktime mpeg2 playback component.
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    Try this before converting, it may work for ya:

    1) Create a root folder called Mp_Root on an external drive, USB stick, SD card...

    2) Inside this folder create another folder called 101PNV01

    3) Copy your .mpg file inside the 101PNV01 folder.

    4) Restart iMovie. It will now detect the external drive as a camera and hopefully allow you to import the clip.
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    Thanks, I tried dragging this into stream clip, and I also have the quicktime component installed as well. I found my mpg file in downloads and tried to drag it into streamclip, but it wouldn't go. What am I doing wrong?? Do I have to have the file somewhere else? the only place it looked like to place it in streamclip is that blue box, but again it wouldn't go. I have used streamclip before for some files from a dvd, without any problems!! thanks for your help!!!!
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    Should just drop on the mpegstreamclip window. Try opening the file in QuickTime and using the inspector to discover a little more about it, if QuickTime has trouble opening it, Ty inspecting it with videoSpec.

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    I really appreciate the help. I am trying to make a pic look like it is talking, I used something called blabberize (sp) I found on the net, it works online, but then it says make a video, which I did. the file comes out named "xyz.mpg") with that puncuation in it. It said something about being a document, which makes no sense to me. Any thoughts? Is there another program I can use for this?? thanks again for your time.