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Transferring Non-Purchased Music from iPhone to iTunes. ---

I am having trouble transferring non purchased music from my iPhone 3G [3.1.2]
to iTunes.

I have searched up similar problems here and I tried all of the solutions, but it
does not work.

I downloaded TouchCopy but it gives me an error saying [Error reading iPod from Device]

I recently uninstalled my itunes because it was giving me a 0xE000001 Error.

I installed the newest version of iTunes and once it showed up, there wasn't any
music on it nor apps etc.

I have no clue how to transfer non-purchased music to iTunes from my iPhone.

If anyone can help, that would be greatful.

iPhone OS 3.1.2
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    about the touch copy program;
    i never downloaded once before
    and it's telling me that my trial has been expired.

    is there any other programs besides touch copy
    that can transfer music from the iphone to itunes?
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    *Recover media from iPod*
    Check out this post from Zevoneer for options on moving your iPod iPhone data back to your computer.

    Some of the tools mentioned are iPhone compatible, or if you really have to go freeware and can't find anything you like try iPhone Explorer and the manual method.


    PS TouchCopy works fine for me though you might want to reset your device & your computer before trying again if you get connection issues... As to why it thinks you're on an expired trial who knows?