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Corsair Noir Level 1 (5 points)
Are there any?
  • Corsair Noir Level 1 (5 points)
    nice! a bit pricey but nice. have you used one? wonder how responsive the protective screen is to touch
  • Johnathan Burger Level 6 (15,882 points)
    I use an ivyskin case on my iPhone(my ipad case is in transit).
    The screen protector is a piece of glass laying on top of the screen-very smooth finger movement, same responsiveness as original screen.

    I had an otterbox case for my iphone-it basicaly was a thin plastic film attached to case, not as nice as ivyskin, but very useable.
  • Corsair Noir Level 1 (5 points)
    wow.... sounds great but when you say "glass" you really me glass? Is it fragile? With how nice it looks (and the price) I almost want protection for the protection screen ...lol

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    I thought I'd share my experience with screen protectors.

    I bought an iPhone along with a screen protector. I found the touchscreen to be inaccurate and irritating. I sold it for other reasons.

    I bought an iPod Touch but didn't buy the screen protector. I was impressed how much better the touchscreen performance was. It occurred to me the screen protectors may interfere with touchscreen performance.
  • Johnathan Burger Level 6 (15,882 points)
    Yes, actual glass.
    My iPhone case is still going strong-no scratches despite being kept in my pocket with pens, keys, etc. for quite awhile.
    It is designed to protect the screen from scratches-not direct impacts to the screen.
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    I am looking into getting a case for my new iPhone 4S, and I was wondering if there was any cases like the OtterBox, that has the hole for the apple logo, built in screen protecter, hole for the mute button on side and like the Commuter series from Otterbox. I am really looking into this but I cant find any. Could someone please help me!!

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    Hi Johnathan - can you pleeeease help me.... I have an Ipad 3rd generation 3G wifi 64G - Which my son has recently dropped on the floor and broke the screen. So we're having to get it fixed (it will cost AU$150!!!) It sounds like what I need (to avoid it happening again in future) is one of these cases with buit in screen protectors isnt it... I read your comments about the ivyskin one.... I tried to find it on the link that you provided but I couldnt find it because I really have no idea of what it looks like or how much (approximatelly) they cost so no luck with my search! sorry, i dont know much about these things! Can you please help me and tell me exactly what is the best option for me (I dont care how much it costs) and also who I can buy it from? I live in Australia but Im hoping no matter where I get it from they'll be able to post it to me...? Thanks so much for your help!!! (ps. I mean the ones with an actual glass like you mentioned)

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    Just purchased mine! Thanks heaps Johnathan!