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I bought my 3rd Generation Nano used and was never told the passcode to lock/unlock the iPod. I accidentally locked it this morning and I've hooked it up to the computer to unlock it, but is there any way to resetthe passcode?
Thank you.

3rd Generation iPod Nano, Windows XP Pro
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    If you don't know the code in order to change it then the simplest thing is probably to restore the iPod.

    Just be aware that restoring will erase the iPod's hard drive, reload the software and put it back to default settings, so if you have songs on your iPod that aren't on iTunes you will lose them if you have no back up. Once the restore is complete follow the on screen instructions to name the iPod and automatically sync your songs and videos onto the fresh installation. Press Done and the iPod will appear in iTunes and start to sync. If you want to update manually or using selected playlists uncheck the box beside the sync automatically instruction and press Done, it will default to manual mode and you can choose whatever setting you like: Restoring iPod to factory settings with iTunes

    You might also find this article useful for future reference: : iPod: How to use the Screen Lock