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How to put my podcasts into playlist folders? Can't drag'em.
I've subscribed to a number of podcasts & they appear in my iTunes window under the Podcasts section.
There i have

2 problems:

1st: I can't rearrange or group them so can listen consecutively to different topics.
I must listen to one, then come to the keyboard and select the next to start playing. Now, I know that I can get them to play consecutively once I've placed them into Playlist folders,
but that brings me to my second problem:

2) I can't drag and drop them into separate iTunes FOLDERS (by topics).
(Though I have been able to drag&drop separate items from my 'Music' section into iTunes playlist folders.)
But can't drag from Podcasts section into Playlists,
as everytime I try they just refuse to go in and scurry back to their starting position under Podcasts.

Zupwidiss? This can't be.

I would be grateful for your solution.

And also grateful if I could have easily found the solution explained
before I had to resort to bothering this forum with this question.

Just using my MacMini, Snow Lep.

Macmini2, Dual Cores, Mac OS X (10.6.3), 1 Processor; Bus Speed: 667 MHz ; 2GB Mem; L2 Cache:4 MB;